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I'm a second year Undergraduate English Literature student, but I'm also an International student- last year was my first in the UK. My grades last year began with 2.2 and moved to 2.1 and only one 1st (in Old English, btw ). However, this year I don't feel any progress- I've had two 2.2, one 2.1 and one 1st so far and it's not because I am a bad writer. Basically, my feedback usually says: "excellent argument, original ideas, work on style, grammar and proofreading". It's getting so frustrating- every time I proofread my essays many times before I submit them and I still have a lot of mistakes! Of course, my tutors think I'm just being sloppy and lazy and my marks go down. Last year, it wasn't so bad, but now the marking criteria is more strict. There are just two other international students in my course and my lecturers are all native speakers, so they cannot help me with this. If any of you is international student as well, could you give me some tips? It's not like I don't know the grammar rules- I scored 107 on TOEFL with 29 out of 30 in writing, and I have so many grammar books and tests... still, my proofreading skills are so bad.. I just don't notice my mistakes.
Also, even though I learn new words every day, my academic vocabulary is still..well..not so wide. My English classmates express themselves with such difficult and sophisticated words, and I feel so silly among them. Have any of you experienced this? How do you deal with it?
I want to do excellent at uni, I study very hard and I`m stressed because my lecturers cannot see that in my essays..
Thank you!

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