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After completing 2 years of sixth form and going to Huddersfield Uni to do drama, I had a change of heart over last summer and decided to take up A Level psychology and complete the 2 years in 1.

So, in October I visited Chester uni and fell in love with the place and I got the university vibes and loved the sound of the course! All the lecturers seemed amazing and I just wanted to start there and then! I went to Northumbria uni the week after and also loved that and the course has a more varied choice, but it's more exam based 1st year, and decreases to minority exam majority coursework in 3rd year, however Chester seems pretty equal! but I didn't get the same feeling with Northumbria, but I've always loved Newcastle as a city!

Here's the dilemma, I have been offered an unconditional for psychology at both Northumbria uni and Chester! My issue is that Chester is only small, will it get boring after 3 years? Will the night life get boring after 3 years as there are only 2 night clubs? What's it going to be like living there rather than just visiting?

And Northumbria, is Newcastle too big? Will I find myself lost within big crowds? Will the tutors have as much time for me as Northumbria is a huuuuuge uni?! Will it be a better place to live?

Also, as I only get a smaller student loan, I'm so limited for both uni's which halls I can stay in😩! Looking at John Milton and hollybank for Chester! So wondered if anyone could suggest any good accommodation??

I'm attending applicant days again for them both, however, I can not physically decide between either of them! I just wanted some opinions to try help as I don't really know many people who go to Chester uni! X
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Hi, there is a thread with Psychology students discussing the course, which you might find helpful:

There is also a more general thread about life in Chester:

Hope this helps!

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