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VA125 - Statements, Reviews and Budgets Amendment watch

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    VA125 - Statements, Reviews and Budgets Amendment
    Proposed by: Saracen’s Fez MP (LAB)
    Seconded by: DanE1998 MP (LAB), James Milibanter MP (LAB), Kay_Winters MP (LAB), PetrosAC MP (LIB)

    This House would adjust the Guidance Document as follows:

    The sections entitled “Budget”, “Secretary of State Reports” and “Statements of Intent” shall be removed, and replaced with the following section, entitled “Statements of Intent and Departmental Reviews”:

    1) Statements of intent (SoIs) are submitted by the Government to set out its plans and policies. These differ from the general term “statements”, which refers to any statement made by any individual or organisation to the House.
    2) Any Minister may submit an SoI proposing action by their Department. This action may or may not require primary legislation in order to be realised.
    3) Each SoI can undergo a maximum of three readings:
    3) (a) First Reading – Two days minimum, Six days maximum (with an additional 48-hour extension if requested)
    3) (b) Second Reading – One day minimum, Four days maximum (with an additional 24-hour extension if requested)
    3) (c) Third reading – One day minimum, Three days maximum
    4) SoIs are generally expected to cover one specific area of the Department’s remit. However, Departments are encouraged to submit one specific SoI each per term which shall be considered a Departmental Review. These should cover all areas of the Department’s remit.
    5) The Treasury Departmental Review is the Budget.
    6) Proposals contained in SoIs that the Speaker adjudges not to require primary legislation to be enacted are deemed passed when the SoI’s cessation period ends, unless the SoI is blocked.
    7) SoIs may be sent to vote at any point during their cessation period by notifying the Speaker. The members who may do so are the Minister whose Department submitted the SoI, the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition.
    8) SoIs which do not pass the vote are considered blocked.

    Additionally, the following shall be removed from the section entitled “Voting”:

    8) Voting on bills, motion, treaties and petitions should be made public.

    The following shall then be added to the section entitled “Voting”, and the numbering then adjusted accordingly:

    6) Each statement of intent going to vote will have the question “Should this statement of intent be approved?”

    8) Voting on bills, motions, treaties, petitions and statements of intent should be made public.
    Should this Amendment pass with a sufficient majority, this House would also adjust the Constitution as follows:

    The following section shall be added to the Constitution, and the numbering adjusted accordingly:

    10. Statements of Intent

    10.1. can be submitted by any Government Minister.
    10.2. will follow the timings given in the guiding document.
    10.3. will be considered to immediately implement proposals not requiring primary legislation, unless the statement of intent is blocked as per the procedure set out in the guiding document.
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    The OP has been copied from the first reading.

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    Ayes to the right: 20
    Noes to the left: 12
    Abstain: 10

    The Ayes have it! The Ayes have it. Unlock.
    Turnout: 84%

    This passes by a sufficient margin to warrant to amend the Guidance Document (more MPs vote Aye than No), however fails to amend the Constitution (twice as many MPs vote Aye than No).
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