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    (Original post by AntiBabylonista)
    I vote either Green or Labour and support immigration, you're very quick to jump the gun aren't you...
    He's always the first in every single thread to make it a left wing/right wing thing. He'd probably wade into a conversation about football or the weather and do it. He'd stub his toe on his coffee table and claim right wingers conspired to make it happen.

    Funny thread ...

    (Original post by KimKallstrom)
    Yeah when was this "golden age"? Nicking Ancient Greek knowledge is all well and good but how about recently?

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    Also you talked before in this thread about slavery being a reason for the advancement of European societies. Like the Ottomans and the Arabs didn't engage in some of the biggest slave trades in human history. They were both probably even worse than the Americans were. If you disagree, I'd suggest either reading a book or dropping the crack pipe.
    Yeah as if knowledge used and argued from an Islamic viewpoint is nicking philosophy from the Greeks.
    I'm pretty tired of just plain ignorant people like you who patronize and erase the history of anyone who is not a white westerner. Islam has made Arabia/countries that are Muslim now great when before they where stuck in Barbarism and never contributed to civilization.

    I'm pretty sure its western (and I mean western and not the Mediterranean) Europe who stole and found all their knowledge from the Greeks.

    Where do you think Islam came from? Greeks, well Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) could not read nor were people from his country well versed in European philosophy.
    Also don't negate all the scientific especially medical and social developments put forward by Muslims, there was a post here but Muslims had the first welfare state, the first hospitals and if you were in this religion you would know how much Muslims value and prize knowledge.
Have you ever experienced racism/sexism at uni?
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