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    Hi all,

    Firstly, I appreciate that no one can make a real 'diagnosis' over the internet, but I'm just looking for some advice and to see if people have experienced something similar.

    Basically, I am coming towards the end of my university degree, but strings of rejections for post-graduation jobs (I think I'm up at at least 11-12 now) have really affected me. I've been feeling low for the past few weeks: having problems sleeping (either I can't fall asleep, or I wake up in the middle of the night repeatedly, and sometimes have difficulties going back to sleep), have
    I been feeling alternately tearful or angry/irritable, have lost interest in sex with my partner (though I still try to please him), I've been having problems concentrating on anything properly - I find myself spending ages just roaming around the internet, not really engaging with anything.
    In the past week in particular I've been feeling really empty inside. I received four rejections in as many days, and right now I just feel dead inside. My partner is trying to comfort me but I just can't see any improvement on the horizon: I force myself to continue to write applications, but I feel so helpless and hopeless. Today I spent about an hour in the shower, just sitting in the tub with the water running, not thinking about anything and trying to block everything out.
    I do have days when I feel a bit better - over the weekend I had a 'good' Saturday, but often I just feel listless, uninterested. Not necessarily sad, just... dull.
    I don't really know what I expect in response to this post, I guess I just needed to write down what I'm feeling... And maybe see if anyone has experienced anything comparable.

    You're applying for a job before your degree has even finished, which is good considering that those who wait till they graduate end up spending longer looking for employment.
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    TSR Support Team
    It does sound like you could be experiencing depression. It's very common when applying for jobs to become demoralised with constant rejections but when it begins going further than this and affecting your life (which it sounds like it could be) then you need to seek help. Talk to your boyfriend or family about how you're feeling and if you can go and see your GP- you can always take someone with you if it's easier or write things down to tell them first. If it's affecting your uni work then speak to your tutor and/or support services too, I know it could seem pointless at this late stage but they still might be able to help. Hope things improve soon for you, good luck with the job hunting!

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    When faced with something like this it's not uncommon to feel down and out of it, I'd recommend speaking to your go and or a counsellor to see what they think, while it's perfectly normal that you are feeling this way, if it is going deeper than it should it's best to sort it out sooner rather than later, good luck op!
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