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Hi all. Looking for some opinions on my introduction and what I can do better. I know they're not important but I want to have something interchangeable between topics which is relatively short.

For example, for the question 'evaluate the reasons for the increase in family and household diversity in the last 40 years' I write something vague like:

'Sociologists argue on the prime reason to explain the increase in family and household diversity, some believe that it is mostly a result of changes in divorce law, while others such as Gibson, argue that it is rather a result of changing social attitudes.'

How is it? I like it cause I can use it pretty much every time just change it to suit the topic.
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I'm an A2 Sociology student myself and for questions like those (I'm assuming you're doing Families and Households for Unit 1?), you always start with the statistics and facts.

It's only in the main body of the essay where I start talk about the sociologists, because you could always risk accidentally evaluating the second you start the essay which isn't the point!

If there's anything else you'd like to ask, just quote me by clicking thebutton and I'll try to help you out as soon as possible.

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