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would you be annoyed if a guy made you pay for your drink watch


    (Original post by monica555)
    You are correct, men aren't duty bound to pay for dates. Totally agree, and I thought that I had got this point across with my original post at the start but apparently not. I apologise if it somehow implied the contrary.
    Well by saying 'make up for it' you're implying he's doing something wrong so no you didn't get your point across very well.

    (Original post by hopeforthebest1)
    I gotta be honest it would be somewhat off-putting to me if you invited me for coffee then asked me to pay for my own. I totally understand and respect your situation. We've all been in situations where we're financial tight. Maybe you should be honest with her and tell her your tight on funds right now and ask her to meet for a walk in the park. Then if she offers to meet for coffee anyway and pay her way - fine. But, if I'm invited by you I expect you to treat at least the first couple of times. Then I'll offer and I'll pay. Then if I get into a dating situation where we're just hanging out together anyway then paying for my own just becomes more natural. But, for me, early on.... whoever invites pays. If you can't pay invite her to do something that doesn't cost anything. Well, that's just my opinion.
    Well if that's your opinion maybe you should get yourself back in the kitchen.

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    The best thing to do, whenever on a date is either split the money half and half or one pay this time and next time the other pays.I don't see why boys should still have to pay on dates as most women work now so its only fair
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    Woooo gender equality :d
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