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    There seems to be an absence of intelligent, and transparent discourse surrounding the subject of the far right. I think the reasons for this absence are relatively easy to both locate and understand. The British media is mostly liberal/left leaning, and it doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to work out why the media may not wish to fuel an intelligent, reasoned debate on the growth of the modern ‘far right’. Of course I acknowledge the modern definition of the ‘far right’ as erroneous anyway, or at least wilfully misleading. But that’s another debate for another day.

    Specifically, we often hear/read a particular quote, usually echoed by robotic members of the media, commentators - and even members of the commons - and it reads something like this:
    ‘We must reject all forms of division, and unfortunately these things can play into the hands of the far right’.

    I’m sure we’ve all heard or read a quote similar to the above, usually in reference to the proliferation of Muslim grooming, or localised examples of Islamic subversion. Particularly the line ‘playing into the hands of the far right’ really annoys me. I personally believe it is such a stupid thing to say.

    Because when you aid and abet over 30 years of Muslim/Pakistani corruption, & rape culture, relentlessly forcing a shutdown of discussion, therefore making transparency unobtainable - and regarding anybody who dares to brake the curfew as ‘racist’ and ‘fascist’ - are you honestly surprised to find out about a culture of indignation amongst the indigenous - resulting in their gradual gravitation to the far right?

    The left has abandoned them in favour of ‘minorities’, and the right are not really right anymore. So they are basically unrepresented. Combined with the selfish, and usually predictible corruption of Pakistani led local politics, resulting in the semi - islamisation of their towns, which obviously breeds nepotism, and affects local justice - (as we see here - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...140-YEARS.html) and the feeling of loss, isolation and frustration, what else are these indigenous, working class people supposed to do?

    Which brings me to my other question: Am I considered to be racist - because I object to the gradual islamification of my city? I'm being serious, and I am curious as to how people view this issue. As I drive through my city today, it feels - and looks less and less British. Growing number of Masjids, Muslim demographic, Jamiyat Tabligh-ul-Islam Mosques, rows of Pakistani culture stores, Pakistani enclaves, and the uncleanliness, as well as examples of careless driving - often associated with such transformations, leaves me feeling as though my city (Bradford) is today British ...only in name. Acknowledging the affects of nepotistic - Pakistani/Muslim local politicians only seems to fuel my concerns. Therefore, again, is anybody really surprised to witness a growth in far right, nativist movements - when the natives quite understandably feel as though they’re losing their own streets?!

    I am not a member of any far-right org. But I can understand why they exist, and why their popularity gains momentum as each year passes.

    Lastly, when discussing this issue with lefties, I often use a hypothetical example to test their response. The example I use is this: Bradford was once regarded as a proud city, with high standards. Now just supposing we import over 200,000 Pakistani Muslims into the heart of York City - allowing them to transform the centre of tourist friendly, historic York into the same picture we now associate with Bradford: mosques, Pakistani inner city areas, Pakistani shops, Islamic schools, Pakistani councillors within York chambers - and more. Resulting in the total transformation of York into a Pakistani themed entity, just like inner Bradford - would the tourists still flock to York, and would people continue to love York they way they do now? I really don’t think so. The answers are always interesting.
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    I suspect this post will be deleted for causing offence. I'm not sure why, as I am simply asking questions that are relevant, and need to be both asked and answered. Deletion of this thread will no doubt prove my point.

    Yes, you are a racist, because Islam is apparently a race
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