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Question about the combined pill? watch

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    I have used the pill (Microgynon) for "treating" my irregular periods before. I started using it again as I'm in a long term relationship now.

    I am constant worrier and a neurotic person in general, so I have a couple questions, mainly on how safe I am from pregnancy:

    1) I had sex two days into my second pack. Meaning I didn't have sex on my first month on the pill (I took it all in the same time, one maybe 15 minutes late); but I never took it with water for some reason. Will this reduce the effectiveness of the pill?
    2) I was cleaning my tongue when I gagged a bit and I'm pretty sure I would know if I vomited or not (pretty sure I didn't, I probably just gagged hard and since I had toothpaste stuff in my mouth it felt like I vomited but when I spat out it was nothing but the toothpaste) but, being the paranoid person I am, I want to know if I vomited during the 5th day of my pill break week, will I still be protected from pregnancy or should I worry??

    thank you
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    1) Amongst the advantages of a combined pill is that you don't need to take it at the same time every day - the idea that you should is just to remind you to take it.

    No, it won't. It may have been a bit harder to swallow, that's all.

    2) You can vomit all you like during your pill break week - the only time to consider you might have to use another form of contraception for seven days is if you vomit within... (looks at leaflet) four hours of taking one of the pills. Even then, if you're better within 24 hours, you can treat it as a missed pill and you will still be fine (see the leaflet...)

    I have a question about sickness (cold and flu) and the pill. I took it at the same time as I usually do and I coughed a bit of phlegm about 12 minutes after taking it. As gross as it may sound, it wasn't a lot of phlegm and by impulse I just swallowed it back (gross, I know). Im afraid I regurgitated the pill but since it wasn't expelled from my body should this affect the efficacy of the pill or...?
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