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What is your opinion on this, catching colds off relatives etc watch

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    I always worry about catching colds, not because of the actual symptoms, but because according to research theres a good chance they can cause some long term autoimmune conditions like diabetes or MS. Plus i have chronic rhinitis/nadal polyps which gets aggrevated for a while after a cold.

    If my relatives have a cold, my family dont bother sbout catching it and will go and visit them anyway for a cup of tea or whatever. I tell them that it doesnt make sense to go round as they could catch it snd bring it home. They just say that its nothing snd tell me im obsessed.

    Just wondered what is your honest opinion in this, i mean is it worth staying away from relatives with a bit of a cold or should there be no worry about going round ?

    Why are you so paranoiiid.

    Baby don't worry about it.

    Lady, don't even think about it.

    Tell me right now
    You really wanna spend your entire life alone?
    A little time out might do you good, might do us good, before we be done for good *thumbs up*

    Sounds like hypochondria to be honest.

    If everyone who has caught a cold had their immune system seriously affected the human race would be extinct
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    You're definitely overstating the long term effects of the common cold, but in general if someone has something significant that I could catch off them then I tend to avoid them tbh. If it's just a bit of the sniffles or something then I wouldn't be arsed.

    honestly everywhere you go there are cold germs... I wouldn't go out of my way to be close to someone who had the flu or something but colds are always going round and buses, doors etc, everything you touch in public those germs will be there
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    If you had a serious condition where a cold could put you in hospital, I could see where you're coming from. That's the situation a relative's child is in - he has chronic lung disease and with that, catches a lot of infections which for him, requires a lot of attendance to hospital.

    My dad once had what turned out to be a chest infection. His sister was not pleased when he refused to go up and see her. Just why the hell would you with a chest infection, go and visit someone, knowing you could give something like that?

    As someone with asthma, (having one makes the other worse) I do have to avoid people with colds. I'd rather not have a repeat of Christmas 2014 with the 4 week cold, thank you.
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