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Are feminists becoming annoying? watch


    (Original post by h8skoooooool)
    But the thing is that it isn't instinct to judge a woman for not shaving, it's something that is taught by society. Of course people can choose whether they find leg hair or armpit hair attractive in a potential partner, but some people think that it's 'gross' on women. That isn't instinct, bodily hair is a natural part of the human anatomy.
    If it's taught by society then what do you believe teaches women (and men) to consider armpit hair unattractive?

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here, though I could be very wrong, and assume that you're the type of person who believes the modelling industry of skinny, hairless models is what sets standard for women.

    Now, how many hairy MALE models do you really see? Do me a favour and google search ''men'' and then ''women'', look at the clear distinctions in their portrayal. I won't go full MRA mode and insist men are more oppressed, but do we really have to bash these ''unnatural'' habits we have developed?

    You know what other unnatural habits humans have? We are the only species apart from dolphins who have sex recreationally as well as procreationally, would you give that up? Because it's unnatural? Body hair is gross, as a man, I'm grossed out by my own body hair quite often, and I know other men who are. Women are allowed to do whatever they like with their bodies, but to expect full immediate acceptance just because they can't be bothered to put time into the way they look is ludicrous. I wouldn't expect anyone to be attracted to me if I did not attempt to appear attractive.
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