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HELP!! Second Year Med Student :( :( watch

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    To get straight to the point (well not quite). I'm in my second year (second semester) of Medical School in a complete and utterly *****y University (UWI to be exact). Being from Trinidad, off course I wrote CAPE and got 7 ones (with distinctions) and 1 two. Specifically, I wrote Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Communication and Caribbean Studies. Anyhow, I applied to only two Universities (UWI St. Augustine and UWI Barbados) haven being previously accepted into UWI Mona.

    Basically, I feel as though my school is suffocating me for many reasons.
    1. Our pass mark is ONLY 50%
    2. Our school doesn't even rank in the top 400 medical schools
    3. My chances of becoming anything greater than a regular doctor is slim to none.
    4. There are no specialties in which I am interested in (Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon)
    5. I am unmotivated and relaxed, the environment isn't challenging and I need pressure to thrive. Literally, the only reason I did well in CAPE was a result of having no teachers.
    6. This university is the MOST disorganized and lackadaisical organization you WILL EVER come across.
    7. It has the worst syllabus and structure
    8. We don't do real dissections for anatomy only pre- dissected specimens that have been preserved.
    9. My school is filled with racists students (not that it is such an issue)
    10. I don't need to think, all I have to do is regurgitate information in order to pass exams
    11. Most of our lectures are - let's just say they aren't the best
    12. We only scratch the surfaces of topics in Physiology and Anatomy. Biochemistry being somewhat irrelevant.
    13. The students are immature, like 99% of them should be classed as 2 years old
    14. I know I'm wasting my time and a lot of students left to go to other universities (but they applied before entering UWI)
    1. Many more reasons like these.

    I'm absolutely concerned about my future as a doctor. So my questions are:

    1. Can a switch Medical schools, if not - can I apply to different medical schools while attending UWI as a medical student
    2. If I must stay in this god forbidden school, what are my chances of becoming a cardio - thoracic surgeon
    3. Should I just woman up and make the best of this opportunity since I already took a spot even if I become a *****y doctor.
    4. Do US and UK based schools accept students already enrolled in medical school. If so, what is the process.
    5. ANY advice, ANYTHING

    N.B please don't say the medical school doesn't count. If you put me and a second-year Harvard medical student in a room together I am 100% sure, his/her knowledge will surpass mine.

    I don't think your problems are with your medical school, or that they will be solved by moving medical school. I go to Birmingham uni (87th in the world for medicine according to this random website), and I'd like to run through a few of your complaints.

    1. Our pass mark is only 40%! (well, sometimes it's 50%. It's complicated, but you can certainly get 40% in some modules and oass). Pass marks are completely irrelevant though, because what matters is the difficulty of the exam
    2. I don't really know about the reputation of Caribbean medical schools, but so long as you are accredited as a doctor in some meaningful way at the end of it, I really don't think anyone cares
    4. If the ONLY speciality you are interested in is cardio-thoracic surgery you have to resign yourself to the fact that you're going to find the MAJORITY of medical school dull and irrelevant to you. This is not the medical school's fault. They are just covering the syllabus.
    5. Don't blame the medical school for this. This is not their problem, this is your problem. Most medical schools do not have a 'challenging' environment because - guess what! You're an adult now. The motivation has to come from you
    8. Real dissections are pretty overrated and not that useful. A pre-dissected specimen has been crafted by a professional to best exemplify the structures you need to know about. Very few universities still do real dissections and it does not hamper their graduates
    10. This is every medical school. Every single one.
    12. An in-depth knowledge of physiology, anatomy, and biochemistry is not needed at your level. There is TOO MUCH medicine to teach you all of that for every system and subject you cover. And to be honest, most of it is pretty irrelevant to the majority of people's everyday practise. The nitty-gritty is best saved for speciality training, when you know it will be relevant to you
    13. They're 19. They'll grow up. You know what is also not very mature? Blaming your medical school for everything instead of taking ownership of the things you can change, and taking charge of your own learning

    I don't know anything about your medical school. For all I know it truly is a terrible institution. But I think that you should divorce yourself from the idea that somewhere else would be so different, because a lot of what you're describing will not change. And honestly, in this post at least, you just come off as having a bad attitude; ****ging off the course, the structure, the teaching, and your fellow students.

    I don't really have any advice, I just think you should reflect on your attitude towards your problems
Have you ever experienced racism/sexism at uni?

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