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I hate non uniform days watch

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    (Original post by TheArtofProtest)
    Don't deprive yourself of a day of school simply because you feel you won't fit in.

    If dressed up is the only thing you have, then wear that. Better to look smart than like a chav.

    You might find yourself subconsciously checking out your attire when someone makes a comment, but give it about an hour and you won't even notice it anymore.
    I only have two lessons that day, and it's the last day before half term so we won't be doing much

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    is it wierd if girl wears jordans/supras because I do have some really nice high tops but I don't want people to think I'm showing off and I don't know what kind of stuff people wear at this school but I definitely know it's more casual that my old school and noone here is really into hiphop or anything
    Ah well about what theyre doing, just wear them high tops if you want and wear the clothes you want/have just flaunt it! I have a friend who comes in on non uniform days like you described: really nice hijab (white), dress type thing etc and no one says anything! Not sure if your school has judgemental people etc but I don't think they will start saying stuff! Please go to school, I'm sure most people are pretty uncomfortable with feeling different etc but once the day is over you will be happy you did it!!! Thats happened to me soo much haha
    best of luck

    To be honest, I always wore casual clothing on non-uniform days. Now that I'm in Sixth Form I've been dressing smartly everyday; classic suit and tie. We still have non-uniform days in Sixth Form but I just stick to wearing smart stuff if I can unless my friends are wearing things that are completely different. Most of the guys in our Sixth Form dress smart/smart-casual so nothing changes to be honest. Girls on the other hand...

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I have a non uniform day coming up and I really hate them

    I usually just don't turn up to school but I think it's getting a bit sus now
    dk what to do I really hate non uniform days, i don't want to go to school but I know when I come back after half term I'll be self conscious cause ppl will have noticed that I never turn up and think something absurd like i can't afford clothes or something
    just buy some good stuff on ebay it very cheap i used to wear a versace burgundy leather jacket every time and it was the best thing i did
Do I go to The Streets tomorrow night?
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