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U-turning on mini roundabouts watch



    Section 188
    This section of the Highway Code is all about mini-roundabouts. You should apply the same rules to approaching and entering mini-roundabouts as you would normal roundabouts.
    If the car is already on the roundabout it is on your right, so you give way to it. Unless it's signalling left to exit, you should not assume you know what it is going to do.

    That being said, doing a U turn on a mini can be hazardous, so you should do it carefully and signal correctly throughout.

    I once went the wrong way in a small town that i know very well, made me laugh because i had got lost in my own town aha.

    I got to a mini roundabout and considered doing a U turn but decided against it. Going round the block seemed the better option

    (Original post by WoodyMKC)
    If this is the case then U turns at minis wouldn't be actively discouraged in the Highway Code which means it is simply wrong
    The code simply says avoid making U-turns on a mini-roundabout and beware of others doing so.
    (Original post by WoodyMKC)
    and the Code does not support your idea of a "I got there first!" system, which could get messy in a hurry
    Not sure what you mean. Traffic on the roundabout has priority so if you enter the roundabout "first" then by default you have priority.
    (Original post by WoodyMKC)
    From what I've witnessed, most people seem to understand the "give way to the exit to your right" concept on minis and this is taught by instructors.
    Instructors teach you how to pass the test. So they encourage to err on the side of caution. "give way to the exit to your right" is not mentioned in the code

    (Original post by WoodyMKC)
    What are your thoughts on this?

    I have nothing against it per se and have done it many times myself, traffic permitting. However, what does wind me up is people's lack of judgment. A few times in the past few years, including today, I've been looking to my right approaching a roundabout, seen that it's clear, then as usual checked my front again just before entering the roundabout - only to have to whack the brakes on because some idiot from the exit across, who should be giving way to me as he's on my left, is making a U turn and cutting directly across my path. Granted, I had yet to reach the roundabout just as he was entering, but clearly it was a mis-timing on their part as to how long they thought it'd take to turn - I can't imagine they'd cut across me like that if they were simply turning right.

    I guess if I was to crash into his passenger side then I'd be held liable as I'd technically not given way to traffic already on the roundabout, but every time if I'd not gotten my brakes on they'd have hit me on the driver's side, which would indicate that they'd failed to give way to me and turned into me. The highway code does also state that we should avoid making U turns on mini roundabouts and I can see why, there's always the potential for accidents.
    If already on the roundabout doing a U-turn or whatever you have right of way.
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