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I have been accepted to the Film MA (taught) program at Kent's Paris location for next Autumn, and I am considering continuing on for my PhD the following year at Kent. In the States the whole process from MA to PhD is quite different, and I am wondering if I should be doing more right now to get ready to apply for the PhD, for instance, contacting potential supervisors, attending conferences, etc. I ask because it seems that I will need to have a research topic nailed down by the end of this Autumn in order to apply for a PhD program the following year. I do have a pretty clear idea of what specifically I want to study, but I have been out of school for a few years and feel I might be a bit rusty. I am assuming that while in the MA program this autumn I will have plenty of time to really develop and refine a research topic. Perhaps I can just continue watching films and reading about film as I have been until I start school in the Autumn. Nonetheless, I figured I should try and get an idea of how students in the UK typically prepare for postgraduate study and what I should expect.

I am also wondering how common it is for MA students at Kent to stay at Kent for their PhD. I can foresee both advantages and disadvantages.

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