Mature Student, worried!

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Hey guys, long time reader of this website but only recently made an account.

I'll be starting University this September and I'm worried because I'll be a lot older than the other students there (I'll be 25 when I start) and I will be living in the halls to.

I've never been really much of a party animal so I'm worried I'll be judged if I don't go out drinking as often as the rest of the other students there. I'm also worried about making friends too, is there any tips that you guys have done to make friends?

I'm also worried that I'd be treated slightly differently as I'm heavily tattoo'd too, is this something I'm being silly about?
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1. Age. it doesnt matter. Same lctures, sane food, same pubs. You will soon fit in and feel comfy. these days there are loads of mature students and post grads. 25 isnt anything noticeable. Dont worry.

2. Uni takes all sorts so you dont have to party if you dont wnat. its a time to find your own space and there will be plenty there who dont like clubbing and prefer other quieter pursuits. just make friends with them. The things you do are your choice. It doesnt stop you being sociable ofc. In the first year you tend to make friends with all and sundry, but you soon start to weed out ones you have more in common with. its a time of not being afraid of being yourself. Hall is a great way to meet people as it gives you a starting social circle, then you have people on your course and people from any societies you join. You wont be short of friends.

3. Tattoos. I wouldnt worry. Uni tends to be open minded and a chance to meet a wide variety of people. Some people will think they are cool and totally comfy with them. Others might find it unusual, but thats only because they have limited life experience. You cna spend your time with people you get on with and dont worry about the rest.

25 is a great age. You will be slightly more mature than the others so you will have less to fear and understand more about the world. Have a great time.

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