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What will employers think about an unaccredited masters degree? watch

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    I am looking for some advice about the usefulness of an unaccredited masters degree. I am enrolled on a course and I thought that the skills I would acquire would be useful. I am on a research masters and these skills are generalisable to many different jobs.

    The problem was the difference between what i thought the course would be (i.e. the prospectus) and my actual experience. For some assignments, we hand in screenshots, presentations, diaries, analysis of song lyrics, etc. After critically thinking about this, it seemed difficult to justify that I was learning the skills, I was purportedly "supposed" to be learning.

    I already understood the problems with an unaccredited degree but I didn't realize the course would be this bad. How am I supposed to be learning evidence based reasoning by telling employers I can analyse songs, write diaries and report statistics?

    On one module, you are required to conduct either a literature review, data analyis or data collection but you are marked on your ability to produce a diary, reflection and poster. Some people just collected data, others an extensive systematic literature review and data analysis and others just collected data. This is problematic because of the difference in requirements for an individual; this is neither standardized nor fair.

    Furthermore, I have a first class degree. Should I continue with the course or just leave?

    An unaccredited Masters either hasn't gone through the standard external quality control process, or has failed it. The problems you describe around standards of teaching and assessment, would seem consistent with this. As long as the organisation offering it is legally entitled to do so, then it is permissible to run unaccredited courses as long as this is made clear to applicants and enrolling students.

    Whether the lack of accreditation would matter to an employer, depends on the field. If it's a small specialist field, there may be courses/unis which employers know they should avoid. Whether it would matter in a larger or more general employer, is debatable.

    As for whether you should leave - that's up to you and your understanding of your prospective career. Also, if you leave now, you won't get any of your fees refunded at this point. But bear in mind that £10,000 postgrad loans are scheduled begin in September (although nothing has actually happened yet). If you leave your current Masters without a qualification, you could get that loan and possibly try again elsewhere.

    Depends what the piece of paper will do for you if you finish the masters. The assessment process is just jumping through hoops. It's very unlikely to be recognised let alone judged when telling people that you have the masters degree.
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    I understand. My main problem is that I have a first class degree and jobs usually only want a masters to compensate for a 2:2 not a first. Not only that but I have an award for the highest grade throughout the whole Uni. This masters degree might not be beneficial to me because it is not accredited. The jobs that I want get funded by these accredited bodies so it isn't going to be looked upon that favourably.

    I am frustrated with the lack of standardization of the course. It feels like it was put together overnight and is poorly organized. Not at all what I expected. The counter arguement is that if I just walked away with a postgrad certificate then I might get judged for leaving a course instead of sticking through with it.

    What discipline are we talking about here, and what do you mean by 'unaccredited'?

    If you mean 'not accepted by this professional body for professional licence' then it matters. If you mean 'there is some tenuous bunch who have said they like/don't like this Masters course' but in fact you don't need their rubber stamp to work in that industry, then stop worrying.
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