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African lion vs Grizzly Bear

Found some pretty cool accounts:


- American history
- Zoology
- Biology
- Lions
- Bears
- European History

it states here baltimore killed a valuable bear:

the valuable russian grizzly, was noted to be 900 lbs

Daniel boone had 3 fights occur:Fight 1:A lion named Parnell fought and killed a bear named monarc

The large pit dog in the ground to hold the huge grizzly bear, Monarch, is completed. He will now have an opportunity of putting himself in good condition in his proposed fight with the man-eating lion, Parnell. A good many people are under the impression the bear would stand no show. Well, if one saw the size of this monster, be would think the show was all on his side.

He is really the largest bear ever bald in captivity, and is as furious as he appears. In my opinion the trick lion, Parnell, notwithstanding bis reputation for killing people, would soon be made into mincemeat. The Monarch weighs in the neighborhood of 1750 pounds, besides baying claws' fully four inches in length. Perhaps a fresh lion from the wilds of Africa might succeed in besting tbe bruin, but the belief existing in regard to tbe lions at the grounds is that they would be no match for tbe mighty roamer of the Sierras.

This bear made boone no money, as Parnell before the arranged fight broke into monarchs cage and killed him:

2nd fight:

This fight was stopped and it was reported Parnell killed him as well in his cage, a 3rd bear was ordered and finally the fight took place for the audience:

The whole details:

Round two:

But Colonel Boone was not satisfied and he arranged another meeting. He starved the animals some more, and fetched them together again. He tried a new scheme. He pitched the bear a chunk of meat The lion promptly waltzed up and grabbed it, and the bear stood for his work. Another bologna was tossed to the representative of California prowess. The lion got up front where he was gnawing his calf’s liver and annexed that too, and the bear never made a protest. The bear seemed to have quit flat at the start. and the bear was drummed out of the fighting fraternity. But Colonel Boone still holds his opinion about the California grizzly. Parnell was afterwards fought against four bulls, one at a time, and in the last encounter lost his life. The first bovine gladiator was old, and he was killed easily by the lion- The second and third made a better fight, but were put out of time in a little while, the fourth bull caught Parnell in the mouth with its horn and drove the horn up through the roof of the mouth into the lion's brain, killing him.
~Weekly Tribune, May 3rd, 1895. “Beasts in the Arena.”

Later it was reported the the bull killed the bear ramadan
Which was again brought back up here:

Parnells brother sultan killed a small cinnamon bear:

Queenies illustration of striking the bear dead crushing his skull with a swip

A few years ago an Englishman who had hunted lions In Africa ventured, upon a visit here, to express the opinion that an African lion could whip a grizzly in fair fight. His' opinion was so warmly disputed by partisans of the grizzly that he determined to settle the matter. He brought a full grown lion to this Park and it was put into a cage'along with a grizzly. The lion at once sprang to the attack^ leaping upon the bear's' back and trying to dig in with claws and teeth. The grizzly sincerely shook him off.The lion again sprang and was again shaken off. A third time it was shaken off, but this time the lion, annoyed, gave it a swipe with one of its paws, and broke its back. killing it with a single blow.

King of Sweden's Barbary lion kills a European brown bear with one blow:

The king, of whom I have just narrated so many anecdotes, had a very large lion‘ presented to him by one of the Barbary powers. There were at this time several bears kept by the butchers about the shambles in Stockholm, and his majesty, being anxious to witness a rencontre between one of these animals and the lion, ordered them to be brought into contact with each other. lu the lion's den there were two apartments, into one of which the bear was introduced. On the lion, however, getting access to that animal, he found him posted in a corner; when, going up to him, he gave him a slight rap with his paw, as if to see of what materials his visiter was composed. The bear, not liking this kind of salutation, growled, and endeavoured to parry it. This made the lion angry: when, with one- fell swoop,‘ with -his paw, as the story goes, he laid the bear dead at his feet.

Lion kills polar bear

When fights break out, always protect the weaker animal, for I have seen a small leopard kill a large tiger, a lion kill a polar bear.

page 204-20

Although it is some, the day of the arisen accident to Artis, the repetition extended itself to noon. For five hours of clock Anton and me had lived in the cage to the big cats. One will believe me maybe if I assert that we in went out exhausted, broken fatigue. The next day this lut the turn of the tigers, then I practiced alternation: a day the lions, a day the tigers. The constant concern of the tamer has 'to be first to assure itself that every beast perfectly possesses l'a.b.c. work that it will have to execute. That obtain, it can risk "the mixture". First the lions and the meet tigers, but that demanded a months and half of repetitions, then the leopards, the Danish dogs, at last the bears of the Himalayas. In the month of August, I began, as early as delivery, the training of the six polar bears. To the first essay of "mixes" the one of them was égorgé by a lion. It immediately was replaced, thus besides that the aggressor that dut to yield his place to another lion less hargneux

Another lion attacks a polar bear…

On the big pyramid, a white bear, neighbor of a lion mordit the latter, the lion jumps on the bear, both of them ran down of their perchoir, rolled to the ground and immediately a tiger jumped them over. Instantly Drilled e burst, with his habitual music of blows of mouth, of roarings, of hilarious claws the air. Helped of Schultz that I had taken with me in the cage, I arrived to bring back peace.

~Pages 131-132,

It states the lion Menelik bit the bears head and nearly pulled the bears head off

Bear dies from the injuries by the lion

Lion knocks over polar ebar

4 lions fight 3 polar bears, killing one and and injuring the other two:

A battle royal between four lions and three polar bears caused great excitement the other night In the village of Cauderan, near Bordeaux. France. A traveling circus, with a menagerie, had come to the village. and during the night four lions, which were penned in a cage alongside three white bears, broke through the partitions and attacked the bears. There was a furious struggle between the seven wild beasts A loug struggle followed, the men belnt o, about equal strength and unarmed. The officer, so save his life, but through an artery In the wrist of his subordinate, who collapsed, owing to the loss of blood. Soon afterwards the patrol arrived and carried Cell to. The servants of the menagerie 4 suceeded at last in separating the combatants, but when the victorious lions retired one of the bears was dead. And the remaining 2 badly wounded

Lion kills sloth bear:

Poor Sampo, the recently acquired sloth bear at Mundy's Zoo, is no more, because Bully, a pugnacious young lion literally "cut him dead",%201906&author=&pub=The%20Sun%20&edition=&startpage=&desc=

Polar bear attacks lion, lion gets polar bears throat:

People had to save Polar bear silver king from lion who was trying to eat him:

Fight between 3 lionesses and 3 bears:

From Lemberg the Vienna correspondent of the 'Daily News' learns that a terrible battle has been fought at the railway sta tion at Rawaruska. A menagerie was being conveyed by rail, and when the train stopped at the station a great noise was heard. The guards went to the wagons containing the wild beasts, and found the wooden partitions which separated three lionesses from three bears, and these again from three hyenas broken down and the animals engaged in battle. One bear was missing. The lions had eaten him, skin and all. They had bitten another bear's paw off, and a hyena lay dead on the floor. Two lions in a' neighboring compartment remained calm. No one dared interfere between the fighting beasts, until the owner arrived in a sledge and -se- parated them not before he had been bitten by a bear however. - He claims damages from the. railway administration because the partitions gave way. One of the judges, or presidents, of the Tribunal of the Seine in Paris has acquired celebrity owing to the rapidity with which he disposes of the divorce cases brought before him.

LION. VS. POLAR BEAR Jacksonville, "Pla., Nor. 10. During a performance last night at Mundy'a menagerie here, Negro, ths big African lion, broke into the cage of the polar bear and s Here fight followed. Spectators shrieked and endeavored to get out of the tent, and several women fainted. The keeper used club and hot Irons, and finally released ths bear, but It was in a dying condition. The polar bear Is a big beast, but not extra fierce.

Three Lions Against a Bear.

An exciting scence was enacted at a performance recently given by a travelling menagerie at Kronenberg. the animals, three lions and a bear, were kept in cages divided from each other by iron partitions, and went through their tricks when the keeper entered their various compartments, The man, ingoing from the lions'cage into tho bear'a cage, inadvortently left tho communicating door unlatched.: The lions rushed into tho bear's den after the keeper, and, growling savagely, fell upon the bear with one accord, That unfortunate beast made a brave stand against its three opponents, and tried to hug' them all in succsssion,. but was completely overpowered by numbers. The keoper bad a marvellous escape; the beasts, as they rolling over each other in their desperate struggle, several times nearly crushing him against the bars of tho cage; but, seizing a favourable momont, he managed to slip through into tho next den. With the assistance of the owner of the show, the man at last succeeded in driving the lions into their own comparment by means of long iron bars, The bear died a few hours afterwards, being almost torn to pieces by the lions' claws, The tent at the time of the accident was crowded, and several persons were hurt in the rush to get out at the narrow doorway.

Lion kills bear with one blow:

Lion Kills Bear. In a phorl battle at the carnival grounds in Corry Monday night. bettween members of the bear and the lion families the latter was returned the victor an Having delivered a vicious assault on the bruin's head quarters. There was nothing to the skirmish, for the bear was outclassed outgeneraled and outslugged and never had a ghost of a show with the African jungle King, it was all over in the twinkling of an eye and the bear lay quite dead on the floor of his cage which the lion had invaded in making the attack.



Lion kills bear in roman arena:

The gladiators halted in front of the magistrates' bench, threw their weapons into the air, and then turned to...the bear stood growling in the centre of the arena, the lion march back to Round and round they whirled; little could be seen but flying sand and mangled fur. Then a pitiful cry came from the bear and blood began to flow into the sand. The lion stood over him, gnawing at the bear's throat. Out into the middle of the arena came men with nets, quietly approaching the victorious lion to throw their nets over him and drag him away.

Another lion named Liokos kills bear named shardik in roman arenas:

Edition illustrated PublisherHolmes-McDougall, 1969

Original from the University of Michigan

On brown bears: one killed by a single blow by a lion 162

and one from aesop: This so angered the lion that he killed the bear with one blow.

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I think a definitive way to tell who is suspect to losing a confrontation of a bear and african lion, is by analyzing their natural competitors, bears and lions have almost identical natural eco-states, lions have hyena, bears have wolves, bears hunt bison, lions hunt buffalo...lions compete against leopards, and bears compete against pumas. We can judge their fighting prowess in how well they do in conflicts in their natural environments:


- Natural history
- North america
- California
- Montana
- Brown/Black Bears
- Cougar/Puma/Mountain lion


Female panther kills female black bear


The two animals spent some time licking their rounds, but at last the lion charged the bear again and this time with his claws he tore open he bear's back and his claws must have reached some deadly part, for presently the bear fell over dead and the lion went off to his old place and began to lick his wounds again.


Bear dies in fight with panther


terror of all other creatures except, perhaps, the grizzly bear (and a few stories had panthers vanquishing even them).Wilderness


Thompson (1860) of Montpelier, Vermont provides a heavily dramatized account, of doubtful authenticity, of a cougar attacking a bear. Bailey wastold by E. F. Averill that a small bear, immobilized by a trap, was killed, partially
eaten, and covered with leaves, presumably by a mountain lion.


pumas are known to kill bears,1398697&hl=en


By whatever name it might be called, mountain lion, cougar, puma, this member of the cat family plays an ... The apotheosis of American carnivores, the cougar's strength and agility are legendary. ... of wild felids in the Western Hemisphere, he has proven more than the equal of even the grizzly bear in staged combat.
Voices for the Earth: a treasury of the Sierra Club bulletin


Bear dies in fight with female puma:


If such a thing ever did occur the result was doubtless due to the superior agility and general elusiveness of the great cat; for with a strength sufficient to permit it to strike a bull dead with one blow of its massive paw the grizzly must have lost in such a conflict merely
because its movements were too ponderous. I am referring here, of course, to a grown grizzly,


Once Mynheer Barhydt saw close by his clearing a fight between a bear and a panther which lasted more than an hour and ended only when both were dead


Phillip R. Goodwins~Book of hunting records (1929)Ernest Thompson Seton (1929, 90-91) writes that G. W. Ferguson "recorded" a fight between a grizzly and a female cougar that was witnessed by two miners working a claim near Murry, Idaho. It was reported that a female cougar had a den and kittens in the vicinity, and when a grizzly, apparently unknowingly, approached the den, the mother cougar attacked the grizzly. During what the miners described as a fierce battle, the combatants fell off a mountain ledge and both where killed as a result of the fall. The miners claimed the cougar was still hanging on to the grizzly's cheek with her teeth; the bears back and throat were torn and lacerated and "his belly hide ripped into ribbons, mute evidence of the fact that all her paws with their 18 sharp claws had not been idle" (612).
~ Ernest Thompson Seton (1929, 90-91)


Black bear dies in fight with puma (a good illustration of a puma an bear), his hide all over his body was shredded to ribbons:


Man is told that pumas always killed bears, and gives his own eye witness account of a puma killing a bear 4x his own size.


In a fight to the death, the mountain lion is more game than the black bear. He will fight to the last breath, when the black bear will quit and cover his head with his paws and bawl like a calf.,+his+intended+victim+would+immediately+take+to+flight.+In+a+fight+to+the+death,+the+mountain+lion+is+more+game+than+the+black+bear.+He+will+fight+to+the+last+breath&source=bl&ots=BxmDHn1yRM&sig=b4TnlSRZKQvJwHHZokkMWYLyx5c&hl=en&sa=X&ei=XxpuVYP7C9DvoASp8ICgCA&ved=0CBYQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=If%20the%20lion%20should%20openly%20approach%20his%20prey%20and%20challenge%20it%20to%20combat%2C%20his%20intended%20victim%20would%20immediately%20take%20to%20flight.%20In%20a%20fight%20to%20the%20death%2C%20the%20mountain%20lion%20is%20more%20game%20than%20the%20black%20bear.%20He%20will%20fight%20to%20the%20last%20breath&f=false


Mountain lion kills bear in fair fight

She was ready for fight The panther came straight for the bear. She gave one leap and struck on the bear. There was a fierce struggle, with screaming and snarling, and In less than ten min utes the bear was tern to fragments. The panther walked Into the cave and came right out again and gave a scream that was bloodcurdling. Just then she saw the cubs. She gave a leap and brought one down and killed It, and went after the rest and killed them.


Female panther kills she-bear

(1917)bear dies in fight with female cougar


Panthers were known to attack bears until they were torn and exhuasted further backing down:


Big grizzly dies fighting female puma:,4459359&hl=en


On approaching the stream the deadly conflict between the bear and panther was still raging, but right soon the bear gave a tad moan, which told...that the fight was over and the bear killed


Then a great panther, with every hair turned toward his head, rushed like fury ay us over me nage la pursuit. We didn't feel sorry that the bear ost his life


Puma kills bear:


female cougar was more than a match for a grizzly bear in the jaw to jaw combat and the bear tired out an had to rest


The two animals spent some time licking their rounds, but at last the lion charged the bear igain and this time with his claws he tore open he bear's back and his claws must have reached iome deadly part, for presently the bear fell »er dead and the lion went off to his old place ind began to lick his wounds again.


In a fair fight A pair of mountain lions can kill a bear in fact have been known to do so when defending their young


I saw the lion's back heave and straighten convulsively; the bear delivered a powerful blow, then broke away. He reared upright as the lion flew at his throat. I saw the bear's entrails fall out upon the ground, where they were literally torn away by his feet. Again the lion sought the safety of the shelf of rock, as the famous Bigfoot fell dead.

(1902) (1902)Just as s ho gave her last kick and the panther rose In triumph, Saunders took a hand in the fight. and with two bullets killed the panther

(1899)Bear dies in fight with puma


The Indians say, that in a battle between the grizzly bear and the cougar the latter
always proves the victor...highly probable when we consider the injury to be
inflicted by the long keen claws of the beast, and its wonderful strength and agility

(1894)Bear dies in fight with puma:at the coward of the plains and crushed the life out of him.


The bear was now in extremities. There was but one remedy. So he wound himself up In a brown ball and dropped to the ground. fie struck with a sort of a smash, unbound himself, and started on a frantic lope" for safety. But with ftwo or three bounds the panther was low,h the. tree and near to him. She sprang upon the bear, burled her leeth in his throat and with her pow-'erful claws tore out his entrails


The bear, a cinnamon, was a monster of his species. As near as they could estimate he would have weighed 1000 pounds. Each was a mass of cuts and wounds. The lion had one fore-leg crushed and mangled, as though from a bite, and the bear was cub from muzzle to tail .by the knife-like claws of his more active opponent.—" Buckskin," in the Ontario Observer,


The lion had buried its teeth in the bear's throat, and before he could move a paw in self-defeuso had torn him literally into shreds with its powerful, sharp claws. The whole thing had happened so quickly that I had scarce time to catch my breath when the fight was over, the bear dead,


This lithe beast, weighing full- grown perhaps one hundred and fifty pounds, is the terror of thegrizzly, for through sheer litheness and agility this great cat can vanquish this terrible bear. The indians say that they sometimes find a bear killed by a panther


Panther...and credible authorities state that they are not louth to attack boldly even the dreaded grizzly bear, and often come off victorious.


He once saw a fight between a black bear and a cougar and the latter killed his advesary in less than 20 minutes


Livingston Stone (1883 : 1189) was told by the McCloud River Indians that the panther always killed the grizzly when the two fought. They said that the grizzly was afraid of the lion and that the latter would spring on the bear's shoulders and cut its throat. Stone saw places in the mountains where the ground had been torn up, evidence of a desperate conflict between a panther and a bear. Pumas have always been known to kill grizzly bears:


Panther kills bear by jumping on back and ripping out his throat


puma killed a black bear


Puma kills black bear


According to Frank Post of Big Sur, mountain lions sometimes were taken in the live traps built near Monterey to catch bears for the arena. Then a bear-and-lion fight would be aranged. Mr. Post saw such a contest at Castroville in 1865 when he was six years old, and remembered it vividly. The lion, which seemed to have no fear, leaped onto the bear's back and while clinging there and facing forward scratched the grizzly's eyes and nose with its claws. The bear repeatedly rolled over onto the ground to rid himself of his adversary; but as soon as the bear was upright, the cat would leap onto his back again. This agility finally decided the struggle in favor of the lion."


As they neared the spot, the victorious ainnita passed before them Into the jungle. On coming to the place of the deadly struggle they found dead and bleeding a large she bear, that would weigh probably 900 or 1000 pounds.


He missed his object, but suddenly gathering his energies, he made a _California_Magazine_1000831108/251


We could see them struggling in the depths of the pool; bubbles of air rose to the surface, and the water became dark with gore. It may have been five minutes or more before they floated up dead, and their bodies rolled slowly down the stream. (Anon., 1857 : 823., California Grizzly)


panther mangles a full grown bear to death:


The bear released his hold and both animals sank to the ground in the agony of death. Bruin died first but his enemy lived but a minute or two after. They had fought to a finish and ceased to be in each other’s way. Both animals were of medium size and in good condition. I went home for assistance and we skinned the panther and took the bear home and used the meat. Since that time," remarked Mr. Baughman, "I have witnessed many hard fights between animals but the encounter between the bear and panther was the fiercest and most bloody I ever witnessed between domestic or wild animals."


Panther slaughters a bear:


I saw a huge panther crouched down at the side of a dead bear which lay at the foot of a post oak tree that stood at the side of the pathway. The panther was guarding the bear. The two savage animals had met here and engaged in a terrific fight and the bear was killed. The scene of the encounter was in a small prairie bottom with a few scattering trees and nearly ¡ of a mile above the mouth of the hollow.


Bear dies fighting panther


Another instance of deadly confrontation between a cougar and black bear took place some time prior to 1800 near Schuylerville, now Saratoga, New York. An early settler, Mynheer Barhydt, had just built a cabin within Bear Swamp and witnessed the battle. Barhydt indicated that the bear had discovered the cougar's den and, in the absence of the mother cougar, killed the cougar's young. Soon thereafter, the cougar arrived and attacked the bear, reportedly with an awesome display of fury. The cougar eventually implanted her claws so deply in adversary's body that the bear could not throw her off. In the struggle, which Barhydt claimed lasted more than an hour, the two animals rolled over each other into a ravine, and when all became still Barhydt looked down, over the edge, and saw both animals were dead. (Stone 1975, 137-39, and Bradley 1940, 116).

I have yet to find a account of a leopard killing a male or female lion, I think this explains two things, that lions are immune to attack from other predators who are solitary, and that maybe lions have killed bears more in historical documents, because the lion might be slightly superior in combat. The accounts of puma and bear interactions show several things that bears, even big bears, can be killed by lacerations and bites from smaller fangs and claws such as the pumas, and that because of social and pride living lions better hone their skills specifically for combat, and that the smaller pumas weaponry is enough to penetrate through the bears supposedly thick fur/fat/bulk, that their fighting skill is not as diverse as some other predators,
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h8ters gonna h8

We can further see which of the lion and bear would be superior in prowess and strength, by analyzing their preferred prey:Giant elands can reach twice the weights of bull moose and their size next to a elephant shows there immense bulk:

One of the biggest elands weighed over two tons:Fritchman's Eland tipped the scales at over 4,000 pounds

You can see here, the elands body is even bigger than a giraffes and made up of raw m

Can knock down a nearly 6 foot tall giant eland with one swat of the paw

a blow of the paw:

Both the elands fell, struck senseless by the blows of the lions' paws and by the grip of the powerful teeth just forward of the shoulder.

(Single handedly)

Shadow, has managed to bring down a huge Eland bull. He has been on the kill for the last few days with hundreds of kilograms of meat at his paws. We estimate shadow to be around 220-230kg’s but that is tiny compared to the possible 700 800 Kg Eland bull in picture.

(Single handedly)

We were called yesterday by Lion Guardian Masarie who had just come across a huge eland kill, and the tracks of a big male lion. He reported that it was a fresh kill and that not much had been eaten, so we rushed to the scene, hoping to find out who had made this massive kill!(Lions kill eland more than any other species)The lions killed a wide range of species but eland and gemsbok were their main prey. If we compare these predation data to the known prey population data (earlier graph) lions kill less springbok but more eland than what is present in the population. However it is well known that small species, like springbok, are often underrepresented in estimates of lion predation. Lions generally capture and consume small prey animals quickly and leave little evidence of the event. Therefore, if we only compare species of roughly the same mass (eland, gemsbok, hartebeest and ostrich) lions kill significantly more eland than any other species

On our last trip (September 2015), we had a fascinating time watching a pair of young bachelor lions, about three and a half years old, guarding the carcass of a large female eland (the most cow-like of the antelopes) that they had killed a couple of days before.

Even male lions under two years old can cooperatively kill a near 2,000 lb animal

One morning we came across the 3 young lions on an eland kill. The 3 youngsters are spending more and more time away from the adults as they get older they’re roughly 1.5 years old. We have been very impressed to see them hunt and kill some rather large animals and the eland was the biggest yet…weighing in at roughly 800 kg.

The feeling of tranquility and peace that was experienced this morning was interrupted with the sudden appearance of two lions and their eland kill.Lions hunt eland far more than expected based on their encounter rate, but only kill them in proportion to the number of hunting attempts (Fig. 1). There were not enough hunts of eland during 96 hour follows to calculate hunting success, however lions non-preferentially killed eland in Addo, as they do elsewhere (Fig. 1).

He averred that a single male lion can easily kill a bull giant eland

In the same locality two eland bulls were killed together

It was encountered in the periodicity described above: chasing down a bull eland in 120 degree heat; experiencing

Lions kill giant eland in tall, thick grass,

She had been bitten on the back and on one foreleg, and through the lower jaw." Kenya Parks archives 1958 "Lions killed an eland bull in the Wamba sanctuary towards the end of June...A pair of lions killed a large elandbull, and fed on it for two days...."On the Marsol plains after investigating vultures the Warden observed a pair of adult lions with two half-grown cubs, feeding on the carcass of a freshly killed cow eland.. ..."About a mile from Maktau, the Warden shot an eland bull, which was very weak and appeared to have wounds around its neck and back. On inspection, the wounds indicated claw and teeth marks of a lion." Kenya Game archives 1965

Big as he is the eland is not immune from the attacks of the lion ; indeed lions will dare much to get a taste of eland beef.

The natives and lions are very similar in their tastes in the selection of tit-bits: an eland may be seen disemboweled by a lion so completely that he scarcely seems cut up at all.

Jackal looking for some leftovers after the Lion Killed the Eland.

An old lioness protect the killed Eland while the rest of the pride is taking it easy

Members of the ridge pride yesterday with and Eland kill near Naibor camp south of the Talek river taken of the lion just after he had fed off his eland kill.But lion do kill eland for I have had proof of this, though I think it is probable that they do so only when the eland are in small numbers and when other game is scarce. There is no doubt that much danger is attached to tackling such a big and

They killed eland and wildebeest and zebra and an occasional puku or bush pig on Ibamba, and lions attacked the ..

Eland Lion Kill

Considerably larger species, however - giraffe, buffalo and eland - are also taken, and Pienaar (1969) records attacks on ...

The largest weighed bison in the wild was under 3,000 pounds, and the heaviest moose was under 1,500 lbs, so some of the largest bull eland can out weigh both a bison and moose combined, this proves that lions hunt far larger prey on average or at maximum dimensions.With some rare
cases of lone lions killing hippo, a animal that can weigh over 3 tons (6,000 l

Following up the tracks, they found a hippo killed by a lionabout a mile north of the rice fieldAfrican Wildlife

The largest prey were constituted by adult male giraffe, weighing around 1200 kg, approximately 10 times the mass of the predatorHayward & Kerley (2005) found that lion selected prey species preferentially within a mass range of 190–550 kg, but made no adjustment for the under-recording of smaller prey species. Over half of the giraffe and two-thirds of the buffalo killed by lion were adult animals in the Mala Mala Reserve adjoining Kruger (Radloff & du Toit 2004). A substantial fraction of the adult buffalo falling prey to lions are killed by male lions hunting independently of female prides (Funston et al. 1998, 2001; Radloff & du Toit 2004). In northern Botswana, lions hunting in groups of around10 killed young elephants weighing up to 2500 kg in body mass, more than 10 times the mass of a male lion (Joubert 2006 v Tiger&txt=

in two years lions have killed 93 giraffes, and all together 675 giraffes were killed by lions and 108 more a few years later:

Hunting Large Prey Although solitary lions may on occasion successfully attack adult giraffe

Once, while on a real vacation in a game park in Rhodesia, they learned that alion had killed a giraffe nearby

On one occasion, a lion killed a giraffe in typical fashion by leaping onto its back and biting into its neck. one occasion, a lion killed a giraffe in typical fashion by leaping onto its back+Lion kills bull giraffe:

We had just found the carcass of a big male giraffe, killed by a male lion,
Shoot Straight and Stay Alive: A Lifetime of Hunting Experiences

We found them feeding on an adult bull giraffe that they had killed the nightbefore young solitary male killed two adult bull giraffe also within a week's time

So one apex predator (lion) hunts the biggest fauna on the planet 4,000-10,000 lb animals, while the other apex predator, specialises in salvaging for vegetation, eats more smaller game like fish and deer, with the occasional or perhaps rare killings of bull moose and bull bison, if ever at all. This speaks highly of their capabilitys and how they would perform in a conflict against each other, the lion will be vastly more explosive, faster and more agile, he will have better skills in evasive maneuverability and have more toned muscles since they are in constant practice of it in terms of killing a much bigger animal.
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Surely a Grizzly Bear is far too powerful for a lion. I believe this came up on an old QI.
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Surely a Grizzly Bear is far too powerful for a lion. I believe this came up on an old QI.

Care to collaborate on that?

From my understanding, the biggest spread conception on the web is that a bear because he is so much bigger (steming from a misinformed fight of mexico, which i showed the original that there were bears killed, not lions), will with a single swipe crush the lions skull, this is a fallacy with refute from bear authroties, such as naturalist, biologist, hunters ect:


This is not striking, this is pushing:

This is not striking, this is wrestling:

This is not striking, this is embracing:

What two Biologist have to say:

Both Mysterud (1975) and Murie (1948) Discount a crushing blow with the forepaw—the reputed kill technique of both grizzly and the brown bear (Elgmork 1978) as the cause of death. Murie (1948) insists that the grizzly does not attack by striking with the paws, but instead siezes and holds his victim with its arms so as to administer the killing bite. If an animal seized by the bear manages to pull away it is likely to be clawed.


Interestingly, there are only a few reports of bears delivering killing or debilitating blows with their paws, and in most cases their paws come into play for such things as pinning down a newly-captured calf or grasping larger prey to facilitate delivery of a killing bite.

~ Southwest Biological Science Center David J. Mattson Colorado Plateau Research Station Northern Arizona University

Very often, however, a bear does not kill a man by one bite, but after throwing him lies on him, biting him to death

Incidentally, a grizzly in killing stock does not deal a crushing blow with the paw as has been commonly supposed but grasps the animal in an embrace
~ Wildlife of Mexico: The Game Birds and Mammals Aldo Starker Leopold University of California Press, 1959 - 568 pages

He does not fell his victim with a blow of his paw, like one of the larger cats, or seize it at once with his teeth like a dog, but “gives it a hug"—embraces it tightly, and with a great show of affection, with his powerful fore limbs, and continues the squeeze until the wretched animal is suffocated

More likely he will stick his snout straight up and merely hug a long, straining, hug- some hug

The bear uses its fore legs and paws for the purposes of embrace, a fight between two big brown bears:

Bears do not strike at you with their claws but bite like a dog. They do not knocksalmon out onto the bank but put their paws on them in the shallows, take them in their mouths and carry them ashore. There they clean them with their claws~the lure of alaska Harry A. Franck - ‎1939

David griffel and J.V Basile is the ones who wrote the commendation that bears do not strike with their paws as his credability University of Idaho in 1975 with a B.S. degree in wildlife biology.

So that means that one book consist of 4 biologist who stated bears dont strike with their paws, with one study in 300 kills of bears on sheep, showed no striking of the paw. And it states here why the bears would have a weaker bite:

not enough force to even kill dogs, as it states
a fight with a big brown bear muzzled against two bulldogs, the bear wasnt able to do much and lost: (far right of the page)

But the bear is kind - effusively kind, even to its enemies. In the manner of its attack it does not fell them to the ground with one blow of its paw like the lion, nor seize them with its teeth like the dog. It hugs them. it embraces them with its powerful forelimbs with a great show of affection, and continues the squeeze so long that the poor wretched victims are suffocated

American biologist Dr. Jacob MacDonaldson observed a similar event in the spring of 1954. MacDonaldson was observing the movements of a Grizzly bear when a moose walked into the same space. The grizzly bear perceived the moose to be a threat to the cubs, and roared to scare it off. But the moose began to graze. The bear then charged the moose, but again the moose did not move. The bear then lumbered over to the moose, and with a powerful swipe of its paw, decapitated the moose.

Dr. MacDonaldson later retrieved the moose head an autopsy found damage consistent with that of decapitation by impact. Later studies contribute the phenomenon to both the relative weakness of a moose's upper neck and the power of a grizzly bears arm. Although a grizzly bear is very powerful, it does not have the strength to decapitate most creatures larger than a man.

A. C. Rowell. He killed in all, around 300 bears, and never considered he was in the slightest danger. He had very little regard for grizzly courage. When asked if he was ever charged by one he replied: "Only by a wounded one or by a female trying to defend her young. But a female cottontail rabbit has attacked me under similar circumstances." Stewart Edward White, who has hunted widely in both Africa and America, reports: "The African lion will keep charging to his last breath, no matter how many times you shoot him. But I have never seen a grizzly complete his charge

Jack O'Connor - ‎1977Frost, by the way, hunted grizzlies probably more than any other man when there were many of the great bears in the Rockies of Idaho, ... number of animals, and the number of maulings are taken into consideration, the grizzly is more dangerous than the African lion. About this I am doubtful— and have hunted both

The lions prowess against giant elands remains unanimous, lions kill 2,000 lb animals regularly, while on the other hand, bears who mainly salvage for vegeies and fruits, usually have a show poorr casing of fighting feats/prey:biggrin:onkeys and mules:

Down came the outstretched paws, and at that moment Pete seemed to become aware for the first time of the presence of the grizzly. He sprang forward, the paws struck only the air and then I saw a gray form double itself into a ball and bound upward. Out of that ball flew two legs, which shot back and forth with the rapidity of piston rods, going thump, thump upon the body of tho grizzly. Up and down went the body and back and forth went tho two pile drivers. The bear was struck all over, on his head, on his shoulder, on his side, on his paws. He fell in one direction and then in another. He was kicked into the air and pounded into the earth. The breath was driven out of him and life followed, and at length he lay upon the ground a shapeless mass, every bone in his body broken, while Pete had quietly returned to his interrupted grazing without a hair injured.

Mule beats up bear:

A fight between a fire-crazed bear and a mule, in which the bear was worsted occurred at L. Mason's ranch, at Bednesti, B. C- The .forestrfire routed the bear from it lair, and In its dash from the flames into the open country it collided violently with a jackmule. The bear-was promptly stretched out on the ground by- a double tattoo from the capable hind hoofs,/and the mule calmly resumed its interrupted grazing.

Mule Kills Bear. ' Huntington, Pa. Daniel Shawley, a local farmer, tells a story of how he ! escaped death through tho sagacity of a pet mule, which kicked n black bear ' to death

Top left corner

Stallion Kills Bear On Leesville Farm A 600-pound black bear was killed by a horse in a field within 25 miles of Dover Saturday. The bear apparently attacked a mare in an enclosed pasture adjoining a. woods on the farm of William Thomas, RD 4, Carrollton, in the Leesville lake area, and was stomped to death by a stallion named Prince in the same field with the mare. The Best In Comics The incident took place within 400 feet of the Thomfes farm home and apparently took place while the family was eating the noon meal. Members of the family heard a brief commotion in the field but did not investigate until after the meal when Joe Thomas, 22, a son, found the dead bear. Approximately 50 feet of barbed wire fence had been ripped down and the stallion was missing, but was found later with the marks of bear claws on his hide. There were also claw marks on the mare. Head. injuries apparently killed the bear in this pasture field battle of hoof and claw. The bear had a 60-inch "arm spread" and its hind feet were six inches wide and 10 inches long but it was apparently an aged animal, as its long claws were worn down and dulled. Horses ordinarily will run- from See BEAR KILLED

Again the stallion sprang Into the air, with his four reet gathered Into a bunch, and again there vraa a sickening crunch of bone and flesh. Both bears were now dead, crushed and kicked Into two bloody masses of wool, bone and flesh. After his lpist dash the horse walked y a iew steps, men; turning, stag gered up to the first bear ho had knocked out, knelt down and literally tore skin and flesh from the bear's body; then, with bloody head jand glistening teeth, the Savage brute man aged to stagger over to the other mass of wool and flesh, which he served la tne same manner.- I - . After tearing and battering the body into a mass of broken bones and mangled flesh, the stallion tossed his head from .which the bloody foam flew in long flecks, gave a neigh' of triumph ana leu lifeless to the around.

One bear, however, met with his match in a vicious stallion, kent on a ranch in Montana. The stallion had been erazine, during Towards near a thicket of bushes. evening the stockmen were surprised to see him come galloping home, with three or four long gashes in his haunch. The cow-boys, knowing that he had been attacked by a grizzly, rode off to tho thicket to hunt the bear. Immediately on the thicket being surrounded, the bear sallied forth, evidently in a bad temper. A spirited fight ensued, and it was not until the grizzly had made several charges that he was killed. On examining his body, it was found that his under jaw was broken, and part of his faco smashed in, evidently by the stallion's hoofs'. When the bear leaped upon the feeding horse, he had failed to kill hit victim by a single stroke. The strong stallion had shaken off the bear, and then kicked out behind with such force as sovercly to damage his foe

Horse kicks a bear to death:

Horses kick a bear to death

Mule beats a bear to near death:

Grizzly dies in fight with mule:

points, and one of its most readable parts is a graphic account of a fight between a grizzly and a mule, in which both were losers.

Bulls, moose and oxen

The grizzly had no sooner abandoned his attack on the bull than the latter was on his feet, bearing himself aserect and as fierce as ever. "Giving his head a shake, he lowered it for the fourth time, and again charged. As the bull hurled himself against the grizzly the latter braced himself for a last desperate struggle. He struck out wildly with his paws and the bul' fell back with the force of the grizzly's blows. The bear sank to the ground. writhing in agony. The indomitable courage of the bull here prevailed. Blinded and crippled as he was, he dashed wildly at his foe again. With a last frantic effort the bear sought to make his escape, scrambling and staggering through the dust. But it was useless. His great strength was gone. The bull plunged his horns again and again into the huge form of the dying brute as he lay stretched helpless in the dust. The bear's muscles quivH1 THE BULL'S TRIUMPH. ered and contracted. He drew his immense paws up once or twice in convulsive clutches, raised his huge head, gave one agonizing groan and fell back dead.

Cattle kills bear:

Bull kills bear:

But the brave bull fought on until the bear had had enough; and tried to run; the bull •was after'him like a flash, 'bowled him over and gored him to death. Even this did not satisfy his rage: he stood back a little to get bis breath, and then charged the body again and again, fairly lifting it off the ground with his horns. Finally, having glutted his wrath, he left the dead bedy of the bear and went off to find the herd, and. at let us hope, recover from his dreadful wounds.

Moose defeats rival and then two bears at once:

A trapper, arriving upon the. scene at the close of this pitched battle, found 'one of the Bears dying from ahorn-thrust in the abdomen. The other Bear had taken to * tree and clung there with his tongue hanging out, plainly willing to admit he bad more than met his match.

Moose whips bear:

Bull kills bear name ephriam

Big Bear dies in fight with goat:

I have seen the results of a fight between a huge bear and a goat, both dead, the bear with the horns of the goat driven deep into his chest, the billy with his back broken and beaten to death

Bull moose kills full grown kodiak bear:

The Alaska brown bear can kill a moose, but along the AHagash the moose is master. The Old Guide was witness to a fight between a bear and a moose, an event the moose won by breaking the bear's back with his forefeet

Along the Allagash the "lordly moose" is aptly named. It is master of the woods. In a fight between bear and moose the moose usually prevails, even capable of breaking the bear's

Buffalo kills bear in pit-fight

Ox kills bear:

Bull gores bear to death:

1,000 lb bull kills 1,200 lb bear: (click on any area to enlarge the text)

Bull whips large grizzly:

Bears usually lost to bulls:

Bull whips bear:

Turning, the bull made charge the second, which much resembled the first, but soon after the bull charged a third time upon the bear when he was in a corner, when Bruin for a short time made lively use of both teeth and claws, showing more fight than at any other time during the evening. The bear went off and got in another corner of the cage, when the bull approached him and stood looking at him, and pawing the ground (for nearly ten minutes before he made another dash jammed him against the side of the cage. The bear clawed a little, uttered a roar, and slunk away to another corner. The bear was evidently afraid of the bull from the moment he first caught sight of him. From this time forward it was necessary to stir the animal up to get them together, when there would be a rush by the bull and a roar or two by the bear, and the round was ended. Person! got on tha roof of the den and poored blood upoun the bull who stood pawing and gazing upon the bear. A red cloth was fastened to a pole and waved about the bear, but both animals stubbornly kept the peace. After this the bull was let alone, and the business of stirring up cchfined to the bear, who stood it too. It seemed impossible to get the bear upon his feet, and Charley Palqer, chief engineer of the show, cans forward and said that the bull had whipped the bear and the bear was just about dead, and could fight no more.

~ Press, Volume XVIII, Issue 2667, 16 November 1871, Page 3

a battle between two king beasts of the forest of different species that one man will remember with a sort of horrible delight for the remainder of his natural life. The account was furnished mc by Mr. Robert Kankin. a pension agent, of Petersville. Mr. Rankin travels about in the wilds a great deal iu quest of game....On they came. They were soon within fighting distauco and no pre-liminary " monkey work " was indulged in. As the boar's head got in slapping reach, tho bear let him "bavo one" that barely missed the skull, but clipped off tho left ear. The boar now made a great lunge nnd thrust a knife-life tusk into his antagonist's thigh, Inflicting a great, glaring wound, from which tho blood spurted in a broad stream. Now the battle began in earnest. Slapping of paws and stabbing of tusks rontiuued until they constituted a great rolling, floundering mass of blood. This terrific work continued for about five minutes. Then both mighty boats, falling away from each other by their own weight, were unable to resume the battle. They lay for some time, then got up and staggered away a few steps. A littlo later both were dead.

Boars, peccaries and pigs:

The boar, protecting his little pigs'and their mother, had ripped into the bear hour after;hour, and killed it. The claws and" teeth of the bear cost the boar an eye, an ear and several gashes

Boar kills bear:

Group of peccaries (smaller boars) kills 3 bears in pit fight:

Turning too quickly, a bear sapped and fell from his pedestal. In a second there was I mass of_reddish brown... and cracking his bones like pieces of glass...He sat the{« and beat the peccaries away, knocking fully a dozen into kingdom come before the hogs succeeded in overcoming him.

Bear is killed by wounds from a boar

Yocum settled here and engaged in a desperate fight leaving only one of the combatants alive. In this case it was not a wild boar that fought the bear, but a tame one. e was in a bad plight—was seriously wounded and covered with blood. He had been in a desperate combat with a wild beast and he was greatly angered and restless. We traced the back track of the boar through the cane to the spot where the encounter took place. A bear lay dead where the ferocious animals had struggled together. Cane, weeds, and paw paw bushes were mashed flat to the ground. Blood was sprinkled on the ground and foliage. The bear was mangled by the boar’s tusks almost beyond description. Deep gashes were cut and torn all over its body and legs. The greatest wounds were inflicted on its belly, breast behind the shoulders.

Some researchers have speculated that black bears probably kill few if any feral hogs, especially given that an adult hog would represent a formidable adversary for a black bear. In fact, in the 1920s a feral boar in the Okefenokee Swamp was reported to have killed a black bear in a fight between the two animals. Similar accounts of feral boars killing bears during fights in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas were reported in the 1880s.

If the prehistoric lions killed bears, most likely modern lions would too:

And QI? You mean this one

stephenThe skull of the lion is pretty thin, and although it's muscular, it has no real bone strength in the way that a bear does, and a bear can just crush the skull of a lion like that, before . . . The lion never gets a chance to get in there and do its thing on the neck and the bear would win every time. It was during the Gold Rush. The Californians entertained the prospectors and the miners; started with bears against various other animals. Against a bull, for example.---

lol, the oesteology report on north american beras and african lions showed they had similar bone density's with the lion even having densar bones in the frontal part of his body;

not to mention holds the rercord for the most skeletal muscle mass ever tested on any animal on the planet:

So I dont see your point about the bear being more powerful, the word powerful and strength protain to two different things, and according to the sources the lion is both more powerful and stronger than the bear specifically in striking blows with their frontal limbs, a single test or opinion about weights differences does not change their capabilitys and feats in the wild, and as showed the bear has a poor show casing of feats compared to the lion who is reigns almost un-contested.

The fights in the california gold mine bit, isnt at the california gold mines...the book was just titled that and was in that era, as the book along with over 40 other books published in the mid 19th century all quoted the lions name...parnell, hence they are talking about daniel boones incident which they just twisted the story from, reading of something nearly a century later has no comparance in reading the actual document the day it happened, we read the originals, and the lion was not killed by the bear but by the bull, that lion in fact killed a few of the bears, so you are merely quoteing misinformation.s
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Surely more interesting is Siberian tiger vs Polar bear. Lion vs bear means nothing in terms of bear vs cat as both these animals are tiny.Siberian tiger is way bigger than lion but you can see how it compares to polar bear here:

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Just watch/read The Jungle Book.

Inb4 that's set in India though.
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Surely more interesting is Siberian tiger vs Polar bear. Lion vs bear means nothing in terms of bear vs cat as both these animals are tiny.Siberian tiger is way bigger than lion but you can see how it compares to polar bear here:

Do these lions look tiny to the tiger:

Even a subadult lion is larger than majority of the siberian tiger population:

another subadult (small mane)

minusing the 20 kg from a 280 kg lion:

And by the way, a lion might be small compared to a polar bear in the body and weight, but the lion because he has a 2 foot thick mane, he is bigger than any size polar bear in the upper body more specifically at the neck:

Bears are built with all their weight in the lower half of their body's, lions are built with all the weight in the front.

1,000 pound captive lion named samson:"Attractions+of+this+unusual+steak+house+include+Samson,+1,000-pound+African"&oq="Attractions+of+this+unusual+steak+house+include+Samson,+1,000-pound+African"&gs_l=serp.3...239556.248796.0.248979.

Swede and sultan

1,000 pound lion:,5622568&hl=en

Lord Ivory, a 900 pound lion and jungle island:

As for Brutus, the lion, Ambrose is currently trying to prove that he has the largest lion in captivity.Brutus weighs 870

wild lions

Finally when I had lost consciousness one of the party sneaked up and placed the muzzle of his gun at the lions ear and let her go killing him instantly I was three months recovering and then three of my ribs were crushed and this arm was a reminder The lion weighed 900 pounds and measured over seven feet

East African Business Digest - Page 13

TWO mamuding lions which, since January this year, killed 244 cattle and three donkeys, were shot at lssunavillage in Tanganyika. The lions were found to weigh 700 and 800 lb."TWO+mamuding+lions+which,+since+January+this+year,+killed+244+cattle+and+three+donkeys,+were+shot+at+lssuna+village+in+Tanganyika.+The+lions+were+found+to+weigh+700+and+800+lb."&oq="TWO+mamuding+lions+which,+since+January+this+year,+killed+244+cattle+and+three+donkeys,+were+shot+at+lssuna+village+in+Tanganyika.+The+lions+were+found+to+weigh+700+and+800+lb."&gs_l=serp.3...637200.642782.0.642982.

A game warden takes stock ... - Page 164
The weight of the lions was of very great interest in view of the assertion in a recent book (by Martin Johnson)that a lion was shot weighing over 750 lb."recent+book+(by+Martin+Johnson)+that+a+lion+was+shot+weighing+over+750+lb."&oq=view+of+the+assertion+in+a+"recent+book+(by+Martin+Johnson)+that+a+lion+was+shot+weighing+over+750+lb."&gs_l=serp.3...40553.45785.0.46092.

350 kg eastern tangayika D. F. Kruger
313 kg eastarn transval lennox anderson
295 kg lion Victor zenni bow record
284 kg botswanas highest record
282 kg sudan record lion J. K. Roberts 頭骨長375㎜
282 kg angola record lion G. Gladney
281 kg kenya record lion M. J Timmins
280 kg udanda record lion G. Prud'homme
280 kg Tanzania lion J. Reid 肩高104cm
280 kg transval lion C. V. Merriman
280 kg transval lion George Tsaparis
280 kg Taunda tula lion Timbavati nature preserve

lion is light in colour and at 280 kg,

Leo krugeri (white lions)
5 feet tall, 650-950 lbs

Nice fan made comparison, now lets look at what the experts have to say:

Lions are the biggest, heaviest and tallest big cats on average:

The hind limb proportions of both lion and tiger are similar, (about the same length

(asiatic lion)
The lion is higher at the shoulder but shorter in the body than the tiger

The Asiatic lion in India is shorter in length than the Indian tiger, but slightly taller in shoulder height
His legs and claws resemble those of the lion, only the legs are much shorter in proportion to the size of the animal

the legs are rather shorter, ad the animal bends them more and has more of the snake like flexure of the spine when he walks

than even the lion himself ; it is much slenderer also in proportion to its size ; its legs shorter, and its neck and body longer.

His body is longer and more slender than that of the lion, and his legs shorter,

The second is the tiger, rather longer than the lion, but not so tall

The tiger stands lower on the limbs than the lion, and is thus proportionately longer in the body

Bigger is better A lion and tiger are almost equal in size.Tigers have longer
bodies than lions, but they are not as tall

but the lion stands higher at the shoulder than the tiger.

Aside from lions having relatively longer legs, it is virtually impossible to tell these two cats apart without their skins

Although the lion is not our number 1 big cat, it is the tallest

Lions are largest of the African big cat species. The lion is the tallest of the felines

The lion is part of the 4 big cats known as the genus Panthera, which includes ... It is the tallest of all known cats reaching a height of 5 feet 5 inches

Bengal tigers (panthera Tigris Tigris) are smaller than the Siberian tigers. A male
stands between 2 and 3 feet tall at the shoulder.

Lets see what one of the worlds greatest handlers of lions and tigers have to say:

Just one of many incidents has happened during Mr beattys unrivaled performances:

Boss Tweed," Clyde said, "was one of the greatest fighters I've ever seen, in addition to his noble looks. He did some of his cleverest fighting in the Rochester Massacre. That was this spring. When Iwo score of lions and tigers were in the arena for a dress rehearsal. One, on a high seat, reached down to take a cuff at the cat below. They frequently do that without much happening. But in this case the caton the- high scat fell off and landed on the one below. The one below, thinking he was attacked, started to fight. In a second it was a free-for-all. In such a fight the lions have two distinct advantages. Their first is their thick mane which prevents the tigers from getting to their throats. Their second is their clannish way of ganging up on a tiger. A tiger will justwatch another tiger being attacked. The lions join each other. An animal attendant excitedly raised a gate into the shoot so the beasts could return to their cages. Into the shoot ran three Bengal tigers with Boss Tweed in pursuit. "For twenty minutes they battled. Boss Tweed killed the three tigers, but himself was almost torn to ribbons. He recovered but somehow he never seemed to be the same. His spirit or his fighting nerve was gone. The other morning I opened his cage door and he was dead, for seven years I trained him, the longest of any of my cats. I was greatly attached to him.

Clyde Beatty is not only an entertainer, he is also a scientist, a competent zoologist, an explorer and an adventurer. Braving African, Indian and Malayan jungles; braving fever, disease and even death, the animal trainer, along with scientist and explorers en-gaged in research, helps to broaden science frontiers in the 'dark lands". When notemployed with the cracking whip and the protective chair, he ventures forth to farawaylands, searching for young beasts to supply the wire "prison", and searching for other animals to be sent to zoos and museums.

I think you should learn more about tigers:

Tigers, have been killed by leopards, a near 100 pound cat:

Tigers, can be killed by a pack of wild 40 lb dogs:
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Oh "deer"...

Wolves and wild dogs vs bears:

DOG KILLS BEAR MISSOULA. Mont., Oct. 16 ( should be as tough as he looks, can feast on bear meat—as soon as he recovers. His master, Bryl Roark, missed in Spud while duck hunting. He found him crouched beside a bear carcass, licking his wounds. and head. Physicians said he may be able to leave the hospital today.

Wolves nearly kills bear:This is not a solitary example of a fight between bears and Wolves, as the same author mentions a similar combat, which would apparently have had a different result lhe bear had retreated to a large tree; and, standing with his back against the trunk, boldly faced his antagonists, and for some time kept them at bay. At last, however, some of the Wolves crept round the tree, and seizing him unexpectedly in the flank, inflicted such severe wounds that he would soon have failen a victim to their ferocity had not they been put to flight by the approach of some men.

7wolves defeats 3 bears:

a small "bulldog owned by 'William Bennett rushed at. them and caught one' of the "bears by' the leg. A fierce battle ensued and the dog got a fatal grip on the throat of the bear. No one dared go to the rescue of poor bruin. The showmen, even with their poles, were unable to shake the dog's grip, and the bear was dead ; within thirty minutes.

12 grizzly bears killed by dogs:

Bulldogs Put Bear Out of Business Two dogs fought for half an hour with a performing bear at Athenia, N. J., yesterday, and vanquished it. Bruin was in an ugly mood and he would not dance for his Italian owner, who nt last gavo up trying to make him do his tricks and started down the street. Along came two bulldogs. They growled at tho bear and Bruin showed fight. The dogs sprang for the bear and he, rearing on his hind feet, met them with a roar. Both dogs secured holds, but wcro not able to maintain them at first. Tho bear shook himself frco and slapped at them 'with his paws and bit them. Tho dogs were persistent and finally got good grips, one nt the hind leg and tho other at the throat. Tho bear tried in vain to shako them off, and tho Italian prodded tho dogs with a pole, but they held. It wasn't long until Bruin sank down exhausted.

In the very first round two dogs were killed outright. As the bear fell he grabbed old Jude and bore her down with him; she fell ' fighting. The bear fastened his jaws inthe small of her neck and tore off the flesh to the hollow, but she kept on fighting until she was so maimed and weak that she could not raise her head to take hold. "Round and round the dogs and bear went, cutting, tearing at each other until they vere 100 yards from; the place where the fight began. The bear was tired out by tne time the hunters got to him.

Old caps last fight fight was at waites peak last fall, when he led a pack that killed a 600 pound bear which fought the dog for 3 hours

Hyena and wild dogs vs lion:

The poor dog was destroyed in a moment: a single blow from the lion's paw rewarded his generous devotion with death

Lion breaks hyenas back with one swipe:

One of the hyenas, engrossed in the feast and slower to retreat than his fellows, was killed by a single blow from a lion's paw.~

One of three lions Jones, lulu and dickens...dickens kills a hyena: Dickins easily killed a sturdy hyena with a single blow of his great front paw.

Lioness kills hyena: the cub into safety, Umnandi literally fell upon the hyena, and with one blow of her great paw blotted him out of existence.~The national review 1926

Later the camera moved to show that the lion had, in fact, with one swipe of his paw, hit one of the hyenas and broken its back.


Lions Circus Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey Sarasota FLORIDA Postcard

1956No adult males were present, just maneless juveniles

Another young lion, born only about one years old
I still think big bears are fair game:

As lions are big game hunters

The two Lionesses had just brought down an elephant cow of approximately ten years old.

~Funston P. J Mills M. G. L. Biggs H.C & Richardson P.R.K 1998 Hunting by male lions: Ecological influences and socioecological Patterson, B.D 2004

The Lions of Tsavo: Exploring the Legacy of Africa's Notorious Man-Eaters McGraw-Hill, New York.~Schaller G. 1972 The Serengeti Lion University of Chicago Press Chicago.

Dr. Mervyn Cowie witnessed:Two lions had bowled over the rhinoceros and while one of them grasped its head the other was ripping its throat open with its teeth. The unfortunate creature was struggling hard but unable either to get up or shake its tormentors loose.

Lions kill yet another rhino! Phinda's north pride has managed to kill their fourth white rhino in as many years. The prides dominant male, we believe him to be around 250kg , with the weight and power to accomplish such a feit. One of these kills was witnessed, and started out with the sub-adults chasing and almost "playing" with the rhino . When the dominant male got up and grabbed the rhino over its muzzle, the rest of the pride subsequently took interest and started to jump on the rhino's back, untill the animal was brought down. The male took half an hour to then suffocate the animal. Lets hope they don't start taking interest in our black rhino!!

Lions Kill White Rhino The coalition of male lions at Exeter has finally killed again, this after numerous failures earlier in the week. Amazingly, four of the six males killed a sub-adult White Rhino last night.

Lions were seen moving away from rhinos which had deliberately advanced when they had become aware of the presence of the pride (Goddard 1967). Goddard further reported that, in August 1967, a sub-adult lion attempted to attack an 11 month old rhino calf. The mother was close at hand and engaged the lion. The lion bit the females hock and clawed its thigh but was gored twice by the rhino in the centre of the ribs and then in the centre of the neck followed by a blow through the base of the jaw that killed it.A freshly killed, black rhino carcass was found with an adult male lion by Elliot (1987) in Umfolozi Game Reserve. There were signs of a struggle and well defined claw and tooth marks on the neck of the rhino which had a horn length of 18-20 cm making it probably two year old. It was concluded that there was strong circumstantial evidence that the lion had killed the rhino.

The article offers information on the predation of the African Black Rhinoceros by lions and its effects on the population performance of the species. The decline of their population growth rate since 2009.

lion’s kill 3 rhino’s in 1995

Young mature rhino was killed by a pride of lion near Lerai Forest. The rhino had been battered around its neck which was lacerated by lion claws; as there was no evidence on the ground of a fight or struggle I can only

On the other hand, the Swedish naturalist, Wahlberg, once had an opportunity of watching several lions attack a rhino. The fight was terrible, and finally the big beast succumbed to the aggressors.

Lions have been known in a few exceptional cases to attack and kill a rhino.

Guarding the kill: The photographer said she saw a mound in the long grass but only realised it was a hippo when they got much closer

Not far from this pride another pride in Linyanti Botswana specializes in killing Hippo.

lLions were seen regularly this month, but unusually, three or four of the male intruders appear to haveadopted new tactics in their hunting techniques. Three times, the lions killed adult hippos during thenight.

4 lions kill adult hippo, and 2 lions kill adult hippo

Based on biomass, buffalo represented50% of the diet followed by hippopotamus (17%),

two young male lions kill adult female hippo:The next day, the two intruders were found feeding on a female adult hippo which they appear tohave killed during the night.

Notch and the four males were seen near the saltlick on the Ntiaktiak River where they had killeda hippo. These lion have killed and fed off three hippos this month two of which were closeapparently a few days apart On the 20th the four notch males and the maternity pride killed a male hippo the other side of theTalek River on the Burrangat plains.

The Paradise Pride of lions are still living up to their formidable reputation of hunting hippo.The 5 younger male lions have apparently killed about 10 so far,

For several years, the pridewas regularly observed hunting adult hippos,

Hence lions specialize in killing animals in the 4,000 - 10,000 pound range, 10 x heavier than a large bear.

I dont think a single hyena, wolf, or wild dog could do this to a lioness herd of two animals, found 1 dead bear remains article suggested it was a puma: one end of the preserve, on the river bank, large expanses of land were enclosed by bamboo fences or iron railings for wild animal combat. These were exactly opposite Shah Manzil on the other side of the river, which is very narrow at this spot. The King, his guests and his companions would sit in the shade of elaborate marquees decorated with gold and silver thread on the upper terrace of Shah Manzil. In ease and comfort they watched the uproar and confusion of combat across the river.It was easy enough to make beasts of prey and rutting elephants fight each other but it was a very difficult matter to control these fights. If a rutting elephant or a tiger escaped from a cage all was confusion and many lives could be lost. But the people had become so adept at these dangerous operations that European travellers who were present at the court have testified in their diaries that there were none in the world better at looking after, training and controlling the wild animals than these keepers. They brought the elephants and beasts of prey into the arena, let them loose and exercised control over them...Tigers were often pitted against leopards, but the leopards were so powerful that the tigers could hardly ever beat them.~Abdul Halim Sharar, ‎Rosie Llewellyn-Jones, ‎Veena Talwar Oldenburg"
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LARGE MALE LION KILLS A HYENA Menagerie..The big male lion. Prince, of carnival show.This lion killed a polar bear two months ago

Spitfire, the lioness which attacked and nearly killed Dyer, has slain two former trainers and one grizzly bear, and has a bad record for maiming spectators who have wandered too near the bars of her cage. Because of her bad reputation she was given hours to leave Germany, ar.d her present owners, the Gaskill-Mundv Carnival Co.. secured hr almost as a sift That Trainer Dyer was not added to the list of Spitfire's victims is due to the promptness and courage of P. J. Mundy manager of the wild animal exhibition, and Trainer Bobby Mack. Mundy entered the cage and drove the animal back to its corner, aided by Mack, who plied a red-hot iron from the outside. Trainer Dyer had long been ambitious to subdue Spitfire and to make her stand on pedestals and perform simple tricks, as do the other lions in the show. Warnings of the animal's Ravage propensities from those who had known her longer did not keep him from trying the dangerous experiment Tuesday afternoon. The cage in which the lioness is usually kept was moved to the door of the large caged arena in which the wild animals perform, and Spitfire was admitted to the ring. Dyer came Into the large inclosure at the opposite side, and, holding out his whip, motioned the lioness to the pedestal. BEAST DID NOT OBEY. Spitfire did not obey, but she did not show violent resistance, and when Dyer approached nearer she placed one paw on the small stand. a little coaxing Dyer thought, was necessary to complete the trick. He went nearer the savage pupil and placed the end of his whip under another paw to raise It upon the stand. Over the low pedestal the raised paw lingered for an Instant, as if obedience had been won, then' the naked claws made a sudden reach for the trainer and the rtd Jaws snapped as Spitfire sprang at Dyer. A chair was in the arena, within reach of the trainer's hand, and Dyer, who had often before, us?d tbJs form of defense successfully, grasped the back and turned tho logs against the attacking lioness. With a sweep of her front paw the lioness bore the chair from Dyer's hand, and he was left without other defen3e than his whip. This he was not given time to use, as the maddened creature was upon his shoul iers. With only a low and gnittura.1 growl the lioness bore her victim to the floor of the cge. tearing his shoulders and his side as he fell. While the trainer lay helpless, face downward. Mack, who had been watching his experiment, had seized the redhot iron which is always kept In readiness Man ager Mundy stepped inside the cage and iu-u a. nan uuicu oianK cartridges from his revolver. RELEASED HER PREY. Spitfire released Dyer and started for the manager. She was diverted by Mack, who pushed the glowing iron through the cage bars and against her side. Dyer Jumped through the open door of the cage and was lollowed by the manager. Mundy drew the cage door hurriedly behind him, and the door shut with a clang as the lioness threw herself against it. One of Mundy's fingers was caught and bruised by the door, but he was out of reach of the animal's paws before she could exact revenge for the loss of her victim and for her singed coat. Spitfire killed her first trainer. Max Papes'-o. In Hamburg. Germany. . After she had torn a spectator ths German authorities required that she be taken out of that country. In London she killed Trainer Fred Woods. In San Francisco she killed a grizzly bear after a four hours' fight.
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