Help! Car insurance cancelled

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Okay so I had my car insurance cancelled on 03/02/16 but was not informed until the 10/02/16 so I was driving illegally for a week with no idea.

My insurance was cancelled as I did not get my telematics box fitted within 14 days of the policy being opened. I had an appointment booked for the 19/01/16 but cancelled it - with confirmation from my insurer - a day before. We then rearranged it for the 27/02/16 which was fine. The policy being cancelled was not my fault however. I had to go to work but my dad was in all day to give them the key. I found out on the 10/02/16 that they turned up but there was no answer. They didn't knock or call, or leave a message on either my home phone, or my mobile. I had no missed calls and there was no evidence of them turning up - which I know categorically that they didn't.

Yesterday I recieved "photographic evidence" that they did turn up, in the form of a picture of my front door.

So I have two theories: they did turn up but on the 19/02/16 which would be great as it was confirmed cancelled and so not my fault OR they didn't turn up at all and then turned up on an odd day to take a picture of my door as evidence.

I understand the latter is far fetched but I know owe them 1,332 for the existing duration of my insurance - so you can understand why they'd go to these lengths to prove I didn't answer the door as they get 1,332 and do not have to insure me!

This insurer has been awful from the start and would love to get out of this mess! It's a horrible stress that I don't need and it's keeping me off the road for an unknown time.

Please help me as having a policy cancelled now brings my insurance up to 10,983 a year! People have advised me to cancel the direct debit and just refuse to pay as a picture of my front door can not possibly hold up in a court of law!

I really need help on this matter and I apologise for such a long post!!

Thank you!

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