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Just passed test but not used to my car! watch

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    Hey guys,
    I passed my driving test not long ago, and today i was able to drive my car, but i cant drive it! I just kept stalling it, and im not confident at all. Do you tink i just need to get used to the car. Oh and by the way, the car i practised in had a rev counter, and the car i have does not have one

    Yeah just practice, I was the same when I just passed it took a while to get used to my car but I drove around quiet roads until I got used to it

    Practise! Lots! I found I kept stalling and hopping when driving my car for the first time as it's so different to my instructor's car but I just took it to a car park and around a quiet road (similar to where you would go for a first lesson) and got the hang of it.

    BTW if you learned in a diesel and now have a petrol it could be you are not applying enough gas before lifting the clutch. You need to press the accelerator a little bit more in a petrol than in a diesel especially on a hill.

    Good luck

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    Oh and by the way, the car i practised in had a rev counter, and the car i have does not have one
    That's fine, you don't need one!

    take the car somewhere quiet and have a play for an hour, you just need to learn what your car likes and doesn't like, its the only way to do it really.

    even experienced drives need to learn what a new car likes, but they pick it up faster because they have the experience to draw from.

    The rev counter shouldn't really make a difference, you should be able to feel and hear what the car wants and if it needs more or less gas or clutch.

    Really wont take long to get used to it.

    Yeah you've just got to get used to it. To be honest not having a rev counter can be great because it means you won't be one of those drivers who constantly relies on them to know when to change gear, you'll just be a natural at it.

    All you can do is practice. There is literally nothing else to it. Even now after a few years if I jumped straight in your car I might get the hang quicker than you but I wouldn't be a pro instantly!

    This makes me miss driving.....

    Can't wait till i get a car....gonna go mad and tokyo drift :lol:
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