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How to tell friend we booked holiday without her watch

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    Me and friend have booked a holiday without first mentioning it to our other equally close friend. We knew she wouldn't be able to go because of uni term dates and that there would be no other point where all 3 of us could go for at least a year and a half, so it wasn't an issue of intentionally leaving her out but I am scared she'll see it this way.

    Before anyone says anything, in hindsight I'm well aware this was not the best move and we should have at least sent a message before doing it, it's no excuse but I think we just got caught up in it and wanted to secure the prices we had found as neither of us could afford for them to rise. I truly regret not doing so, I know it was a mistake and would do anything to change it.

    Anyway, now we're in the position of having to tell her but both of us are stumped on what exactly to say to make it go as smoothly as possible. I feel so guilty and any way anyone can think of of softening the blow would be much appreciated.

    If you're really close friends and she wasn't free anyway I'm sure it'll be fine

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    I'd play the "I didn't think it was a big deal since you couldn't go anyway" card.

    Try not to let it escalate. So perhaps, instead of telling your friend, maybe casually mention it in conversation, whenever the time is right " yeah, i'm looking forward to next year when we go to this place" . Say that you would have loved for her to come, but because of uni, didn't think that she could go. If you make it seem like such a "non-issue" because she wouldn't be able to go anyway, then it's unlikely your friend will get too upset. Physiologically, most people don't get upset over things if they don't feel there's reason to, no matter how bad it is. Down play it.

    If she really kicks up a fuss, change tactic and say " oh really, I didn't know that you were even able to go" ...then when she says that she isn't okay to go, then ask well, what's the problem?

    If you down play it, you should be okay .

    say that your thinking of booking holiday (even though you already have) and im sure she'll be okay with it. then the next day say youve booked it
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