How do you answer a section B, part a) and b) question for Of Mice and Men?

Clare Passau
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How do you answer a section B, part a) and b) question for Of Mice and Men?

I have a question for Homework from last years mock paper. I was wondering how many paragraphs you write and how many points you explore in each the a) and b) question.

To give and idea the part a) question is:
'In this passage, how does `Steinbeck present the death of Curley's wife? Refer closely to the Passage in your answer. '


part b) 'In the rest of the novel, how does Steunbeck present the brutality of life on the ranch at the time the novel is set?'
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for part A all you have to do is quote words and phrases from the text that you are given and explain why teinbeck used these words to express the death of curleys wife. i did this question for my mocks a few moths ago. and from what i can remeber , i put that " he presents it like an accident ; quote" " he presented the death as lennie was not guilty and then a quote" tbh all you really have to do is pick up any point that curleys wife is epxressed and back it up with quotes. atleast three paragraphs i think.
for part B, for the next question the whole novel has to be acknowledge , so for this uestion a lot more topics and text sgould be covered once again with appropriate quotes. you can talk about the ageism in ranch against candy , sexism againt curleys wife in ranch and the disablism against lennie

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