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    Hello, I'm a 17 years old Italian boy and I'm interested to apply for Law with French Law.
    Right now I'm having my exchange year in the U.S. and I'm attending a prestigious private high school that I think will really help me for my application.
    (I want to precise that in Italy we have 5 years of high school and I'm having here my 4th year)
    I was guessing: is it hard to get into Law with French Law? Are there many applicants or not? Because I'd like to get into unis like The King's or Oxford, but I know that even if you have the best grades they're hard to get into cause I saw the acceptance rates and they're so low, but looking in this forum I saw that there are many applicants for Law but NOT for Law with French Law (that doesn't seem so common... maybe cause not many people know French or take the A Level of it in the UK).
    I already have a Delf B1, and I got a 83.
    Here in the U.S. I'm taking the AP French class and I'll take the exam in May.
    Also, I'm going to study myself for the AP Comparative Governments exam.
    When I'll come back to Italy, I'm planning to go to France for an intensive course during this summer and I'll take the Delf B2 in November.
    I'll do everything to achieve the best grades during my final year in Italy so that I could get an outstanding score at the Italian diploma.
    What do you think?
    And, do you know which is the equivalent of the A Level of French? Is it AP French/Delf B1 or the Delf B2?
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    UCL has Law with French Law

    That link also gives you international entry requirements.

    Also: https://www.google.co.uk/?gws_rd=ssl...+french+law%22

    By the way, ignore acceptance rates - they are always high because people make multiple applications to various unis and ultimately only choose one. The offer rate is more important, but is often hard to find.

    AP French is equivalent to an A-level and you'd need to get a 5 for most courses. Equating Delf is quite difficult, but B2 would be more than enough and is probably slightly higher than A-level standard!

    If you apply to Oxford for Law with French law, you can still get an offer for Law only - which is worth taking into consideration
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    Thanks a lot! I've some questions:
    -Is 83 at Delf B1 a good score or not?
    -Right now I'm attending a private college preparatory in the U.S (St John's Jesuit High School in Toledo, Ohio). Will it help me a lot for my application and personal statement?
    -I'll take the Delf B2 during november. Will it be a problem? Cause If I want to apply for Oxford the deadline is on October.
    -Is LNAT difficult?

    Sincerely, I'm a bit worried to apply for such prestigious unis like Oxford, UCL, King's etc, cause there is so much competition and they're hard to get into, so I think that I'll also apply for less prestigious universities/courses (like European Law with French Law at Warwick).
    Right now I'll do everything to get a 5 at AP French and at AP Comparative Governments.
    I know that if I apply for Law with French Law I could still get an offer for Law only, that's good - and I'm applying for Law with French law for the only reason that theoretically it should get easier to get into if you have many French qualifications (that I think that few people have but I'm not sure).
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