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    Sorry that you ended up in such an awkward situation!

    However, from what you've said in your post, I don't blame you for deciding to move in with those other girls. The "clingy" friend doesn't seem to be a great character to be honest! She doesn't get on with anyone, she hasn't helped you with the flat hunt at all, and now she is making you feel guilty for doing what's right for you.

    You did the right thing telling her, and she still has plenty of time to try and find somewhere for second year. You can't let her drag you into her misery. You only get to experience uni once, and you should spend your time having a blast and living with people that will make your experience as amazing as possible!

    Yes this situation sucks for your friend, but she kinda brought it on herself with her anti-social attitude. Understandably she's annoyed now, but if she's a true friend, she'll get over it in good time.

    Good luck, hope this all blows over soon!

    (Original post by willow95)
    This is long, sorry! I'm a first year in a flat of 9 girls, we all get along but the flat is splitting up next year. I get along well with one girl so we said we'd try and find 2 bed houses. However, she hasn't been trying to help me look, its been me that's arranged the viewings we have been to, and has been ignoring my texts and even me in person! She has a reputation in the flat for being rude, yes there are some people i don't like but i'm still pleasant and smile which is why they are nice back. My friend on the other hand just stares at them which is why no one likes her. She's been getting too clingy and only wants to share wit me, however after her attitude i've decided i want to live with a group of people and not just her. I was going to apply private as a second year if i had to, where i'd end up having new flatmates again, which i know she wouldn't want to do because she hates everyone she lives with now. One of my other flatmates had her friend around recently and we got talking, we really clicked! We're so similar and i got upset thinking i coudln't live with them because i knew they were looking for an extra person but i thought they'd found her. Anyway, after i got a message saying they would love for me to be the extra housemate cause they haven't found one yet, because they really like me, i like them too! I know it would be great, so i said yes knowing that i wasn't going to live with my friend anyway. However, now i've told her (i explained it nicely) shes annoyed with me. I feel awful but i have tried with her and get nothing back, so i need to do whats best for me now. She doesn't have anyone to live with now either. I just need advice from anyone, or someone who has been in a similar situation, now she's sending me snotty texts trying to make me feel guilty! She needs to realise that she might be the problem if the whole flat feels the same about her. I have to live with her until June too and don't want this to cause too much tension. Any advice is appreciated xxx
    You have no need to feel guilty at all. You tried to arrange a two bed place for the two of you and she didn't help at all, even ignoring you, which you could have interpreted as her no longer being interested.
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