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How can I keep up my fitness if I do Camp America in the summer holidays? watch

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    I am doing Camp America in the summer holidays and I am curious on how I can maintain my muscle while abroad?

    I have lost fat and build muscle and will continue to do so; but I don't want to be away for a few months without exercise/lifting of some sort. I want to go back in to my second year of university and start it as a fit guy.

    I'd go for maintenance whilst there. I'm assuming going to the gym won't happen so look into body weight routines, I'm sure there'll be somewhere to do pull ups, dips etc. You should be able to add weight with a backpack and if you're lucky you might find some random objects to lift/carry/load. You could think about other aspects of fitness to- cardio, mobility etc- and use it as an opportunity to focus on those more.

    You won't waste away though so long as you eat around maintenance. I've gone a month without lifting and I didn't look any different.

    Can you do 10 one arm chinups, with ease? What about 10 one arm pushups, 10 full range (supported) handstand pushups? A 30 second back lever, front lever, planche, iron cross?

    99.99% of the population cannot accomplish these feats (admittedly 10 one arm pushups is by far the easiest feat in the list)- in which case your body-weight is more than sufficient to train your entire upper body provided you can at least find something reasonable to hang from.

    Its undeniably true however that bodyweight training alone kinda sucks from the point of view of building big powerful legs, though body-weight glute-ham raises are actually quite hard and you can take something like a resistance band to loop under your foot and hold high against your body whilst repping pistol squats as a means of building decent leg strength.

    Anyway as BKS says as long as you eat at maintenance and keep somewhat active, you shouldn't wither away in a few months (key is to be at least at maintenance if no resistance training).

    One legged squats for the legs or just find something heavy, pop it on your shoulders and off you go.

    just do some curl up, push ups and jog in place. I think it would help.
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