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All Men Created Equal? watch


    (Original post by Yannis)
    I'm not trying to be anti-gay or indeed anti any group, which wants to sustain itself, but I am a straight person and I don't have to go out into the streets all the time, making sure everyone knows I am straight and I don't tell every girl I see that she is really pretty and act as a rabbit gagging for it. If they lead quite normal lives, like the rest of us I am sure they would find much less objection and rejection by the general public.

    Again, I am not trying to say anything homophobic here. Just a thought.
    Why if you aren't "anti-gay" are you so anxious to tell us that you are straight?

    (Original post by Weejimmie)
    I see. You want gays to kill people until they are recognised as equal?
    Gays have been going to war and killing people for thousands of years. Good God, the Centurians of Rome were only permitted gay lovers until they actually retired from the Army after 20 odd years serviuce when they could finally take a wife.

    As for more modern times one needs only look at the RN. Not for nothing did Churchill describe the Navy was all "Rum, Bum, and the Cat"

    (Original post by moncal)
    I was just watching the news (something I don't do very often anymore) and they were talking about a gay rights parade. One of the organizers said something like "they can't shut us down, after all all men are created equal." I couldn' help but think that he is wrong. I can think of no radical group in U.S. history that has every been considered equal because of a few well placed phrases. If you think about it, you will find that white protestants had to fight for rights from England, African Americans had to fight for rights from the confederacy (and then they had to fight the country), women had to fight the stereotypes in place, and immigrants allways had to endure hard circurmstances. Can anyone think of an exception to this? And why should a new radical group be exempt from all these proceedings because of political correctness? Have they fought their battles? Have they won their war? If they have, have they reached the plane of equality? And if they have, who else has too? Should every group be accepted purely because it exists?
    The groups you mention (except protestants) had to fight for equal rights. Does that mean they should deny them to others? They fought precisely so that later generations wouldn't have to. The fact that Americans consider the US to be a model of democracy and human rights sounds like a sick joke.

    (Original post by Gnostic VIII)
    Humans were not created and they’re not equal.

    Man evolved from beast and much of him remains beast.

    Humans vary – some have greater intelligence and strength than others. They are different, therefore they are not equal.
    Just because man has a beast's nature enbedded within him, doesn't mean he should give into it and remain an animal
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