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Thinking of getting the implant once I turn 18 but nervous watch

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    Hi whoever reads this,

    I'm 17 years old and I turn 18 in the summer. I've had sex a few times with my boyfriend and I haven't actually found sex to be pleasurable because he uses a condom. I was considering taking the pill but I'm a forgetful person so I doubt I could keep up with it. So after researching, I've decided to get the implant.

    Can anyone tell me what it's like to have one/what the procedure was?

    Everyone's experience will be different, you really have to try for yourself. I personally had it removed due to constant bleeding. The procedure is fairly simple and is painless, I thought it felt similar to a jag. Also you don't have to wait until you're 18, not sure if that's why you mentioned it though

    Hello! Good on you for making sure you're safe! Although remember that the implant doesn't protect you from STIs/STDs (but if both you and your boyfriend are clean then it's all good). I've had the implant for 4 years now I think, so I have had it put in for three years originally and replaced with a new one after that. It seems to be a completely different experience for everyone. Personally for myself it has been mostly positive during all this time.

    With my first implant I had almost like a normal, steady period, once a month, lasted just under a week, totally normal (bear in mind you kind of need to keep the implant in for a year for the side effects to regulate before you perhaps completely decide if it's not for you). I'm not entirely sure if it had much of an effect upon my mood, I mean I was very snappy the spring/summer after I got it put in (in September 2011), but I also had my school exams at that point so it could have just been that.

    With my current implant, my side effects were a bit different. I very rarely bleed, it's more like a few times a year at most, not monthly whatsoever, and again, lasts under a week (although I have heard of girls who have had constant bleeding). Something different I never had with my first implant but did at the start of my second one was that in the first month or so after it had been changed, I felt SO HUNGRY, I had such an appetite, and I gained about half a stone from it, however, thankfully that side effect vanished. Again, not sure if it has had much of an effect upon my mood as since getting the replacement implant I've had some stressful experiences anyway.

    With all of the most popular contraception methods such as the pill, the injection and the implant there seems to be a bit of weight gain, but don't worry too much about it, I would never say that having the implant really made me huge or whatever, that was 100% by my own bad eating both alone and with my boyfriend haha (although I'm still not that big). It's also weight that you can work off, it's not like the implant stops you from losing weight too because when I had a mini health-kick I did manage to lose a few pounds.

    It's really about weighing up all the options and seeing which might work the best for you. Personally I am terrible at taking pills, would never remember to do it daily and don't want to risk accidental pregnancy! Also, with the injection you need to remember to get it done after every 3 months, and I'm not the biggest fan of needles! With the implant it's once every 3 years, you have peace of mind, don't need to remember anything, and the process really isn't that bad.

    The implant is put into the arm you don't write with, and you get your arm numbed with a local anaesthetic by needle which really isn't bad, then wait for it to go numb, then they make a teeny tiny incision to then put the implant in. Then they put those dissolvable stitches onto it, wrap it up tightly with bandages to reduce any bruising and you're off! The process is much the same for getting them changed, just numbed, incision, one taken out, one put in. It doesn't take that long to heal, you do have a mini little scar thing (kind of like a tiny bumpy bit of skin), and if you press with your fingers in that area, you can feel it through your skin (very amusing for your friends) but it doesn't hurt, just feels gross hahah.

    Well I hope that told you everything you need to know! It's good to at least try out the implant, and if it doesn't work for you or you aren't happy with any side effects you might get, it can be taken out quickly! However, if it does work for you it can be a total godsend. Best of luck!

    I got the implant put in when I was fifteen. Everyone's experience is different but for me I had constant bleeding for two and a half years (not enough to be considered a period but definitely enough that it was noticeable). I went on the pill to control the bleeding but keep the implant as my main form only contraception as I can easily forget to take the pill. I had it removed and replaced after three years and stayed on the pill as well to control the bleeding, although for all I know I may not have constant bleeding this time :P overall it's been great, no pregnancies yet!
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