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    do you remember it? the first two seasons?

    Cassie was really attractive. I've met serious anorexics though and it ain't a pretty condition. Guess everyone's different.

    Show was semi-believable for first few episodes, then they started on all that horseshit about how the kid from the posh school was getting his own back on Tony by some bizarre, cunning plot. How weird was that?

    I watched Skins for its entirety and when I was younger, it was one of my favourite shows. Skins was one of the first shows I watched where mental illness in people in my age group was represented, so in a way, it made me feel less alone.

    When I rewatch it now, though, I really don't like how they represented mental illness, particularly in - as you mentioned - Cassie. One thing about Skins that differs it from a lot of others shows is a lot of the dialogue is a lot more ... flowery, I suppose you could say - a lot of what they say is something you'd almost definitely never hear from people their age in real life. While it's something I quite like about the show, it had a habit of sort of glamourising the mental illnesses that were protrayed - Cassie's eating disorder isn't often spoken about in any real manner, but used as a way to make her appear more poetic and, I suppose you could say, aid her in fufilling that Manic Pixie Dream Girl type role (although if we want to talk about MPDGs, we should really be looking at Effy).

    Cassie's eating disorder is presented in a very superficial way - Cassie presents with the textbook definition of anorexia (I vaguely recall some mentions of bulimic tendencies, but I'm not quite sure) and we're not given anymore than that. You're not taught that everyone experiences eating disorders in different ways, Cassie's eating disorder isn't explored in any real depth - a lot of the time, it feels like they've used it for a quirky character trait more than anything else which frustrates me to no end.

    On the other hand, though, another thing that Skins did represent in a time I felt I wasn't seeing in many other places was LGBTQIA+ relationships and people. Naomi and Emily will always hold a special place in my heart, I think, because they were the first real example I witnessed in the media of a female same sex relationship in people in my age group.

    / that was a lot longer than I intended.
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