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    I have picked three A-levels, Maths Physics and Psychology. My Dad has given my valid reason to pick Maths Physics Chemistry and Biology, he has even offered a tutor for Chemistry which is the weakest subject.
    GCSE (Predictions) :
    Maths - A/B
    (additional sciences no separate science):
    Physics - A
    Biology - B
    Chemistry - C
    I was thinking, these 4 subjects are the 4 most toughest subject aren't they. Can someone tell me why this is useful or not. Be honest, no motivation just an honest opinion on doing them three and how difficult it'd be. Also, wouldn't the three science be very very difficult as I didn't have the choice for Triple Science?

    Personally I think your dads combination is better but I always say choose what YOU want to do and if you done want to do chemistry then don't do it.

    Maths and Biology do have a large workload but so long as you use your free periods effectively it will work- I've improved my math from a D to an A by using my frees effectively

    Personally I would advise against Psychology as I hate it and find it incredibly boring (which surprised me as it seemed so interesting at open evening) but if you think I'm chatting bs then ignore me and follow your heart and do what you want to do

    Well, have you considered:

    1) What you want to be in the future? - Any compulsory subjects for the corresponding uni course.
    2) Your 3/4 best subjects, in terms of grades, and what you think of yourself. This should be a big factor.
    3) Are you interested in the 3/4 subjects you have chosen? Will you look forward to the lessons? Are you willing to put the work in?

    Considering your grade predictions, I would advise to avoid Chemistry. It becomes very difficult at A level. An A/A* at GCSE is needed to do well at A level.
    Likewise, I would also avoid Biology in your position, as there is a lot of content at GCSE, but even more content at A level.
    Maths and Physics go well together, and they are strong subjects.

    Have you done Psychology before? If not, I would re-consider taking Psychology, and what it consists of, but if you want to do it, then do it. In the end, it's up to you, not your dad.
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    Thanks guys,
    I forgot to say the Science mock exams were the ones I didn't revise for. I might go for the 3 sciences and Maths, but can somebody tell me how hard the Sciences are without Triple Science? I just did Core and Additional.

    (Original post by anonymoususer35)
    Thanks guys,
    I forgot to say the Science mock exams were the ones I didn't revise for. I might go for the 3 sciences and Maths, but can somebody tell me how hard the Sciences are without Triple Science? I just did Core and Additional.

    I did triple science but to be honest I don't think it makes much of difference if you are willing to work hard, which clearly you are I know people who did separate science and are doing worse than those who didn't. The things done in the extra unit in triple science are only touched on at gcse, and so you go through it all and in more detail anyway, so don't worry about it, you will be fine, you honestly haven't missed much, well in my opinion.

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