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I owe a charity fundraising money, what do I do? watch

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    So for my first year of uni, I decided to go on one of those fundraising trips.

    I fundraised more than half of the amount and they let me go on the trip on the basis that I fundraise the rest of the money afterwards.

    But now, they're asking for the rest of the money and I don't have it. Does anyone know the legalities behind this? Because if they already let me go on the trip, that means that I've covered the costs of the trip already and have fundraised money to be donated to the charity as well.

    What actions could they possibly take and do I really have to pay them back? because the trip was already a while back and it's a lot of money to ask someone all of a sudden, even more so because I'm a student.

    If anyone can give me any advice, I'd really appreciate it.

    Thank you.
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    Go and see either CAB or your SU or your uni law clinic.

    You will need to look at the documentation they gave you regarding the trip. that will detail the contract between you and the condition you accpeted going on the trip. Youd have to get someone to look at it, but id think it was a normal liability and you owe them the money.

    They could pursue it just as a nornal debt.

    The best way would be to tell them you dont have the money and ask them for more time. You could offer them £x a week as an offer. Uoi cna show them you dont have spare money by showing a budget . Ring these people or use the site to work out a budget.

    Tell them you have been to stepchange or cab and they ahve gone through your finances.

    they might wait till summer. maybe you could offer to work for them for x hours to get rid of some of the debt?

    Try not to worry, go get some advice and you cna sort soemthing out. If you cnat pay you cnat pay, but you want to sort a plan out so they dont ruin your credit reference.
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    They'll probably tell you to do more fundraising and extend your deadline a bit. I can't see anyone being particularly empathetic to be honest as you knew what you were signing on for and it's just going to look like you're mugging off a charity.

    At my uni you have to give a cheque for the minimum fundraising amount before you start fundraising and then they'll cash it and give you back the difference if you don't make the minimum, I'm surprised they didn't do the same at your uni.
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