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    Quick question really:
    Who do I hand my notice in to?

    It's so confusing with managers, section leaders, GSM, personnel... I don't know the names of any of the people and I'm actually quite scared of having to go in to find them.

    Is there any way I can post my notice instead of going in to them?

    I have tried asking on the asda thread with no response and I need to hand my notice in quickly!
    Many thanks
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    (Original post by sycl0n3)
    Hi! I recently handed my notice in to my section leader but it was after we'd had a bit of friction and i'd called them out on a few things so i was like 'I think I'm just gonna hand in my notice...' (Bcos i hate you ).

    I think you have to hand it in to your section leader so they know that you're starting your notice period. You could hand it in to your manager but they'd probs ask you if you'd told your section leader.

    If you have to 'go out and find them' and you haven't worked closely enough with them to know their names they're probs not very good at their job. There should be a board which has pictures of all the section leaders and managers on, have a look at that for their names.

    Just be confident when you go and find them bcos after you've worked your notice you'll never have to see them again
    I don't think I'm going to have much of a notice period to be honest because I'm seasonal and want to leave before I have to work easter!
    Bit embarrassed to say I've worked there for nearly 3 years and don't know who anyone is!!
    But thank you that's been a great help!
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