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    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help. 3 months ago I caught chlamydia from the boy I was seeing at uni (I'm female) I got it treated promptly, the symptoms disappeared so I'm pretty sure it went, and I was told to return in 3 months for another screening. It's now got to the 3 month mark and I need to book a follow up appointment which I will do tomorrow, however I am really concerned. My first appointment was 2 weeks after the encounter so I didn't get any bloodwork done, I am planning to at my next appointment. I am really worried about the possibility of having HIV or syphilis or something. I know chlamydia is much more common, and I know a lot of people who've contracted it at uni. I have only had 3 sexual partners, 2 of which were long term boyfriends and clean. The guy I caught it from isn't particularly promiscuous, and I think he caught chlamydia from a condom splitting. He's straight and white if that makes any difference. Am I at a high risk of having hiv or syphilis? I also had a full blood count for something unrelated which came back normal.. if I had a recent infection such as these two, would my blood show some sort of abnormality? I have serious health anxiety and I'm freaking out. thanks to anyone who can help.

    Being straight and white doesn't really make that much of a difference. In fact HIV is predominantly spread through straight people and not through homosexual intercourse as presumed in the 80s. there is always a risk of you having HIV and syphilis if you had unprotected sex - they recommend getting tested three months after the intercourse as that's when it would begin to show up in the blood (or so my nurse told me). Get tested if you're unsure and they'll let you know ASAP. Better safe than sorry!

    It's fairly unlikely though as they aren't as common as clamydia, if that puts your mind at rest.
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    In the UK, HIV is still mostly transmitted via men having unprotected anal sex with each other. Any stories you see about most new infections resulting from male/female sex are including people who were infected abroad, typically sub-Saharan Africa where they have a very different epidemic.

    Anyway, yes, it's highly unlikely... but the only way to know is to test. The recent test you had might have been anonymously tested for HIV (this is done to give an idea of how many people have HIV but don't know it) but you should have been told if it was to be tested in a way that could be reported back to you.

    Modern tests give reliable results after a month, so your return appointment will be a good time to ask for one.
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