How can I (as a computer scientist) get a job in financial area

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Hi, I became very interested in algorithmic trading/quantitative finance since last year so I changed my Phd research plan to a topic relevant to algorithmic trading.

Since my background is computer science, I am trying very hard to equip myself with financial skills while working on my research. I took a number of relevant financial courses from Coursera and read some books. I am wondering if anyone possibly working in that area could give me some recommendations about what I should do for preparing for a career in that area; ideally to become an algorithmic trader. For now, personally, I am interested in this online course for Standford:

More about my background, I have a BSc. and MSc in computer science from Thailand. I had been working on Neural network for cancer prediction research for a few years. Then I decided to push myself forward to Machine Learning. So I did another MSc in Advanced computing: Data mining, Machine learning and High performance computing at University of Bristol,UK. Now I am doing my Phd in Computer Science (doing algorithmic trading using Machine learning research).

Your thoughts, tips or experience would be much appreciated!

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