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    I've got my bronze expedition coming up, did you have any difficulies and do you have any advice on how to overcome them. The people in my group are rather dominan, do you have any tips on what position I can have in the group?

    Well your rucksack gets pretty heavy on your shoulders after an hour so you should try to pack as lightly as possible. There were only 2 dominant people in my group but I didn't mind that much as whenever we got lost, we could just pin it on them. You could try to control the flow of conversation if you haven't got anything to do 😌

    Hello, I'm assuming that you're going to be walking your expedition. I canoed mine but I still have some advice that should apply to you to!

    Okay so first, make sure that you know where every thing is in your bag, as this will be really helpful when you get to camp!

    One really important bit of advice, make sure that you wear sun cream, particularly if you are asthmatic and using an inhaler, as these contain steroids and make the skin more likely to burn (I ended up in A&E because my arm stated blistering!).

    Flip flops are great when you get to camp as they let your feet breath after being trapped in a walking boot all day!

    Hand sanitiser is also brilliant for a quick clean, and baby wipes are good for a quick wash in the tent before bed!

    Popcorn is an amazing snack - light weight and high in energy (if you get sweet). On the topic of snacks, we each had a little bag filled with snacks like nuts (as long as no ones allergic) and Haribos, and then keeping this in a pocket or tied to the strap of the rucksack so that you can access them quickly without going through your bag!

    Make sure that everyone knows where everyone else's emergency meds are (epi pens and inhalers) just in case.

    Also make sure that your maps and route cards are close at hand, bring tissues (seriously you will need them) and only bring one change of clothes in case of emergency, because you will probably end up sleeping in your clothes. And get your tent up before dark (it is hell putting them up in the dark).

    Hope this helps!

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    Your group can honestly make or break your experience. If you all hate each other, it can make the day terrible. If you all have a good laugh it can make it an amazing experience. Try to keep the peace, try not to get angry with each other. If someone annoys you bite your tongue.
    You can fail if your group doesn't stay together. You need to walk at the pace of your slowest walker. Don't let anyone speed off in front.
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