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    (Original post by ScienceFantatic)
    Howd you get a B in history with no revision at all?
    The test paper was almost all about the RAF and spitfires.
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    1. CCC
    2. I didn't, I had left school.
    3. I didn't, I had left school.

    (Original post by Dinasaurus)
    The hardest for me was Physics, but I had a rare situation of having a realllly bad teacher (I know everyone says that but he was a special case) and I guess you're not doing Physics.

    Chemistry is the biggest step-up considering it was my best GCSE and now I'm struggling, there's just so much more content. So many more processes and I was pretty bad at doing practicals.

    Maths is hard too but I kinda knew what I was getting myself into considering it was one of my worst GCSEs, I originally didn't even choose maths but I chose it because the subject I originally chose got cancelled. The hard stuff in GCSE is equivalent to the basic steps in answering a 1 marker in A level. If you're like 'Maths' minded then Maths shouldn't be too hard.
    Just looked at some chemistry past papers and I feel sick :/ looks so hard, biology looks slightly easier

    Thanks for the insight and good luck with your a levels

    (Original post by ScienceFantatic)
    Just looked at some chemistry past papers and I feel sick :/ looks so hard, biology looks slightly easier

    Thanks for the insight and good luck with your a levels
    Thanks. Biology is basically memorising swathes of text, far less skill required basically just comprehension. Not saying it is easy though, some of the stuff is pretty damn hard to comprehend and there's just so much to it.

    6A*s - Maths, Phys, Chem, Bio, PD, Geog
    4As - English Lit / Lang, RP, French
    1B - Art (that little ****er)

    no revision was done.

    3 A's, 5 B's, 3 C's.

    I didn't work hard enough or was serious with my schoolwork at this stage. Looking back I know I was capable of much better grades.

    My advice would be to start revision early if possible, and do plenty of past papers or even just re-do small tests you've done over the year, they can really help.

    ICT BTEC 1st Diploma Distinction (4 A’s), English Language B, Literature C, Maths D, History B, Science B, Media Studies B
    For the majority of them I just constantly did past paper questions mainly for English and Maths. For the rest of them I just constantly went over content, which is probably why I didn’t do as well as I would have liked to. I started revising in February

    Was a while ago, but I managed; Maths, Chem, Biology, Art, History, French, Food Tech grade A*, English Literature, English Language, RE and Physics grade A. I also did core science in y9 and got an A.
    I started revising in February/March time.
    Technique wise, I read through my text books, made notes of any 'processes' and had discussions about certain topics with classmates. My teachers also gave me a ton of past papers/markschemes to work through. Reading aloud also helped me to take in more of the info rather than just skimming the text book.

    (Original post by revisionbasher21)
    What are you studying now??
    I'm currently in my A2 year, so I'm doing biology, chemistry and maths, and at AS I also studied history and RE though the latter was due to attending a catholic school, I also do general studies to A2 but I tend not to count that because I just sit the exams. I applied for medical school and got two rejections, and one offer and I'm still waiting to hear back from a place, but I had an interview there so I'm hopeful all will be well

    6 A*s-English Lit,Psychology,History, RE, Latin Literature and Latin Language(counts as 2 seperate GCSEs)

    5 As-Bio,chem,phys,maths,english lang

    1 B-further Maths

    1 C- ICT (did it in year 9 and im still pissed till this day)

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