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    I have had quite a few challengs recently due to stress and other circumstance, has anyone else done the same and how did you Gert through it?

    Don't worry. It's only temporary. It will pass.

    Just listen to music or sleep.
    Or cry my way out, but its only temporary :/
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    Depends what the events are.
    You can try looking after yourself:

    1. Eat well. that means proper nutrition not just junk, although a very short fix as some treats isnt bad. Eating more nutrutiously helps by giving your bidy what it needs and a steaduer source of energy rather than peaks and dips. You cna go the ice cream, treat route, but dont do it too long.
    2. get enough sleep or a bath and relaxation. These are great ways to get rid of stress and things look better in the morning.
    3. What hx said music and crying. Dont be afraid to cry. It gets it all out and you sleep better after.
    4. Talking to friends helps. Problem shared and all that.
    5. You can get some escapsim by watching good films or TV or reading a book.
    6. Try and understand the event thats happened and work out whether theres anything you can do to lessen the impact or solve it. You arent alone and at anyone time many people are going to be experiencing what you are. You will get through it.
    7. Things tend to hurt less over time.
    8. If it doesnt get better over a week or you feel really down, then go and see your SU welfare officer or your GP.
    9. Going somewhere nice helps, out with friends who are fun or anything that makes you laugh. Going home was a good alternative to see friends and family.
    10. Seeing my cat was theraputic. Pets are great listeners.

    As you go on in life its important you recognise these down times and accept its happening. You can then cut yourself some slack with following whatever your down in the dumps routine is to make it more tolerable and get back to normality sooner.

    Eat Nutella.
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