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    I have to decide my gcse subjects soon and im really struggling.
    The compulsory are; english maths and religion. I want to do double science, french, business studies and ad maths, and either art or music. In art i got 92% in my exam. in music i got 82% in my listening exam but 78% overall. i am starting grade 4 at piano.
    I like both subjects equally but i can only choose one of them due to having double science. I think that art would be very time consuming and im a very lazy person but i get higher marks in exams.
    If you replied i would be really thankful. 😊

    This is probably unhelpful advice but... Choose the subjects that you like and that you are interested in! Your taking the subject for a year or more (depending on how your school works) so choose wisely! From what I know you must have a real passion for art to take it, it is very time consuming and there is a 10 hour exam at the end of it, I would pick music, far more fun and less work, so you can focus on other subjects
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    Yes I think I will end up doing music. Thank you for your advice!

    What kind of career are you hoping to go for? If you know, try to base your options around that. But if you're like me who has no idea (and I've already chosen mine and am stuck with them till Y11 hohoho)...

    *:・゚✧ Try to go for subjects that you like. From experience I can tell you that Art is incredibly time consuming and the effort you have to put into it for a mere mark from your teacher is not worth it. I'm very thankful I didn't take it - creativity only comes to me when I'm not forced. Despite teachers and students practically screaming for me to take it, I simply could not go through the torture of impossibly short deadlines, constant coming back after-school, even having flipping mocks till 4pm... If you're the type of person that can only do something when given time and who cannot stick to guidelines on what you should create, Art won't be for you T_T

    I can see that you have good Music scores, so I suggest taking it

    *:・゚✧ Another tip is to go for things you have good marks in, and know that you're bound to get a good grade by the end of it. Good at P.E? Take it! Do you like learning a language? Take it! Are you okay working with Office programs, organisation or stuff to do with money/law? Take Business Studies! Prefer the coding/'mathsy' aspect of computers more? Take Computing!

    *:・゚✧ If all else fails, simply give yourself as many options as possible. Business Studies is incredibly versatile and is handy in almost every work field; a language looks good on CVs and increases your employability; I believe Music, Art or Drama all give good opportunities for work in the arts; Triple Science is needed if you want to take a science or medicine related things, and is required for any engineering-type jobs.

    To conclude...

    Don't worry, you will eventually find the right choices for you! Hope this helps in the meantime <3
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    Thank you sooo much for this brilliant advice it is really helpful. You're better than my school's careers advisor hahaha
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