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Desperately need advice and opinions on possible pregnancy matter. watch

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    I constantly think I'm pregnant - it'll be just after my period and I'll still think I'm pregnant because of all those stories of people who still get their period whilst pregnant.

    I'm on the pill, but I don't take it at the same time everyday - although I do take it every single day.

    Recently, just before my last period, my boyfriend and I had sex. We used a condom, but it slipped off, and my boyfriend was inside me just once or twice before noticing the difference and putting a new one on, no ejaculation - this has freaked me out, it is very unlikely im pregnant though, right?

    I worry so much I start to take notice of everything I feel and convince myself theyre pregnancy symptoms! But...I'm always too scared to take a test.

    So tell me, it IS very unlikely im pregnant, correct? and does anyone else feel this way about constantly being pregnant?

    You're definitely overthinking this. For peace of mind make sure you take your tablet at the same time every day - if there's a variance of more than 12 hours you aren't protected, so bear that in mind for the future. There's a very slim chance of you being pregnant so try not to worry. But if you're really concerned then just take a test!! That's the sure way of knowing.
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    It is very unlikely. For this time, not coming inside you plus the closeness of your period would make it extremely unlikely.

    Which sort of pill are you taking: combined or progesterone-only? The former is much less strict about when it needs to be taken.

    If the reliability of what you're using isn't enough, consider the implant. It's staggeringly reliable, more so than having a sterilization operation.

    You are unlikely to be pregnant. Here are some things you could do:
    A) get the implant - it's more effective and you don't have to worry about taking anything
    B) get the injection - you only have to get that monthly
    C) buy some pregnancy tests; you can take them to put your mind at rest
    D) use condoms for double protection. Make sure they are in date and fit your partner well to prevent ripping and slipping off
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