The Myth of Female Oppression

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if tl;dr, bits in bold & list at the bottom are the key points.

Most of the narrative feminists rely upon compares the plight of average women to the topmost men (the wealthiest, most educated etc), rather than to the average man. However, throughout history, the average man has been forced to work and toil numerous hours a day or even to risk death in war, to protect and provide, whilst women have largely sat comfortably at home tending to children.

One example often cited as evidence of the oppression of women, is the right to vote (suffrage), but if you look at the UK for example throughout most of its history, neither the average woman or average man had suffrage – only the rich did. And when average men did eventually receive suffrage, average women were also given suffrage. This is not to say that women have not been oppressed at all in history, but any claim of a “continous oppression of women throughout history” is a gross exaggeration.

In fact, now Western society undervalues men and overvalues women, and encourage resources and opportunities to be given to women over men, and where masculinity is vilified and femininity is celebrated. This is a recipe for rapid social decline, with the risk of Western cultures becoming weaker, more passive and more risk averse, and this will affect a number of facets of our society, for example:

- geopolitical strength and standing
- levels of education in men
- prevalence of entrepreneurship and commerce
- prevalence of marriage & stable family units
- sexual selection and population growth

amongst many other things
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