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Why do some french adjectives have "pas" with them when they dont have "ne, n'est" watch

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    I cant think of an example, but in french textbooks and sheets we are given in lessons, some phrases with an adjective have "pas" infront of the adjective without having ne or n'est. Why is this?

    Its although its a negative phrase but it isnt at the same time as it doesnt have n'est or ne infront of it.

    For example: c'est pas (adjective)

    Please explain this to me!

    Thank you

    hrmm I'm not 100% sure because usually I go about French with whatever 'sounds right' with works for me because I speak Spanish blah blah boring information

    So when saying 'it's not good' for example, you'd say 'c'est pas bien' OR 'ce n'est pas bien', and both are correct

    You can have negative phrases without 'ne' or 'n' ' sometimes, although I'm afraid I'm not good enough to give you a rule...

    I found this if you like? http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebit...tiverev1.shtml

    lol hope this helped maybe a bit

    It's basically a shortened, less formal/everyday version but they mean the same thing. You'd be more likely to omit the ne in spoken language, and say "c'est pas grave" for example but more likely to write something like "ce n'est pas une bonne idée"

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