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Relationship come to an end? (Long post sorry) watch

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    Can somebody give me some advice. I've been with my partner for over 2 years now. he went into the army last June. (2015) then everything was: has been fine, until these past couple of months heading towards his pass out parade, he's been lying to me about going out on nights out with his mates by saying he fell asleep when I know that he's really been out, then he kept having days where he would totally ignore me for no reason but post on snapchat/Facebook he left it for a whole week just no reply after saying he just wants to be single and not have worries about things and just needing time to think and he would never reply to my messages/phone calls but he was posting on snapchat/Facebook and talking to other girls. Then I went to his pass out parade to support him although I took the him it was over and as soon as he saw me he came Upto me and gave me a kiss asif nothing happened? I didn't say anything to him as I just wanted us to be okay, he came back home for a week after that and we was fine all week, then he went back to camp and ignored me completely again, I gave him space and didn't bombard him with messages/phone calls until a few days later he texted me like nothing had happened and I said to him 'why do you keep doing this to me when you know it hurts and it's messing with my head it's like you enjoy it' he replied 'maybe I do' so I left him to it, then a couple of days later texted me like nothing had happened and said 'coming home now' (we live together) and he came home for 2 weeks on his second leave the first week was perfect he said he was just under a lot of stress from the army which I agreed too as a perfect reason too pushing me away, anyway when we got to the second week he wouldn't sit next to me, he was never in the house, he was always on his phone rather than making conversation with me and he stayed up watching movies or on his ps4 rather than coming to bed with me. I just feel like he is purposely pushing me away and I don't know what I should do? My sister seams to think he wants out but is just scared to admit it- yet, he loves me because he does show it when he wants too, it's like he goes hot and Cold.. Any advice please

    It does sound like he wants out - ignoring your messages and lying about where he's been is a classic sign. Plus he even said that he wants to be single again, and he's pushing you away then drawing you back in; basically he's just playing with your emotions. The fact that he said he enjoys hurting you and messing with your head speaks volumes. If you were happy with him you wouldn't be making this thread.

    You've tried to talk to him and he's not been responsive. It's probably best to cut your losses now and move on. PM me if you want to talk
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