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Apple Vs US Goverment! watch


    (Original post by KungPooPanda)
    they probably have only obtained a court warrant because they attempted to get in and couldn't. If they were to use information from this cracked phone they would have to be able to show they obtained it legally, they have had the phone for at least a while now, yet have only recently stated request that apple crack into it for them. This idea of coming out publicly and letting the world know they have asked for a cracked IOS is probably political, this is the FBI, as you say, they can pretty much do whatever they want, I doubt they are asking for apple to do this because they 'cant get into' the phone.
    That's a dubious guess as what the FBI did without any foundation. They've not obtained a court oder to 'hack the phone', they've obtained one to compel Apple to assist in the procedure. They've obviously, like you said looked at doing it previous and concluded it isn't possible. There is no foundation however to suggest they did it illegally.
    Like I said, paranoia and conspiracy talk isn't a logical argument.

    (Original post by KungPooPanda)
    Yes, actually they are. If the police come to my house today and take my phone and then APPLE unlock it for them, i have a case, its really that simple.

    'This was for the purpose of a law enforcement investigation' will not get you out of trouble in court when the lawyer is asking ' So what about the confidentiality between you (apple) and your customers? Does that no longer count for anything? Is it fair to assume that this could happen again? That a customer who buys a product from you is not safe from having that product unlocked against their will by the same people who he trusted to buy that product from?'
    Again, there is no foundation for these claims. Law enforcement, like I have already stated, can already legally breach your privacy and confidentiality. They can, for example, obtain a warrant to read you emails or texts. And yet I have never heard of anyone successfully suing the companies in question over it. Frankly you're simply making stuff up. You can not sue Apple for following a court order obtained by law enforcement.

    (Original post by KungPooPanda)
    Its like them asking microsoft to allow access to passwords for accounts they think are terror related
    And I'm meant to be against that? As long as the warrant is legitimate I see no reason to deny such a request.
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