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    I'm thinking of going interrailing next summer in Norway and Sweden and am currently planning on going alone. Is this advisable?? I'm a confident traveller but this would be my first time abroad alone. I'm not concerned about spending time on my own and just want to explore a bit of the world I've never been to. I'm female and almost 18- ill be going for 2/3 weeks around multiple cities and regions.

    Hi there, I went interrailing on my own back in September/October 2014. I would 100% recommend it: it was an incredible experience! I've never been to Norway and have only spent the day in Sweden (Malmo) so can't really comment too much on those particular countries. I have been to Denmark though, and found that the Scandinavians generally were really friendly and helpful and I never felt unsafe.

    If you had any more specific questions, or wanted to know a bit more about my experiences then feel free to PM

    Hey, I went interrailing in Norway (mostly), Sweden and Denmark alone when I was 18 and I'm female

    I had a fantastic time! Norway is absolutely beautiful and you get some great views simply from the train (particularly the Bergen-Oslo line). They are very safe countries, and lots of people speak a bit of English.

    I went interrailing last summer. The first 4 cities I visited were Helsinki (Finland), Stockholm (Sweden), Bergen (Norway) and Copenhagen (Denmark). Feel free to ask me anything! A few clips can be found here.

    Here's some stuff to do that I've copied from a comment I did on reddit.

    • Check AirBnB for accommodation, it worked out cheaper for me
    • Go to Gamla Stan, the old town, and check out all of the little shops and cafes
    • Eat some Froyo! There is an abundance of frozen yogurt shops in Stockholm and it's usually pretty cheap and tastes amazing. Also buy some Ahlgrens Bilar, best sweets ever.
    • Vigarda is also worth going to, it's a burger place that's pretty good and rediculously cheap considering it's in Stockholm
    • Check out the King's palace, and walk up Monteliusvagen. You get a cool view of the city. Check 3:05 in my video.
    • I didn't go, but I heard the Vasa museum is really good too
    • The metro is worth riding just for the art in some of the subway stations
    • The ABBA museum might be worth visiting if you're into ABBA..... I'm not really a fan but I got dragged along and I still found it midly interesting
    • The second largest IKEA store in the world is worth missing to be honest, the area is sketchy AF

    • Stay at Intermission Hostel
    • Go to the market and ask to try all the food they have there and you'll get little bits of whale, moose, reindeer and loads of different types of fish
    • On the subject of food, when I was in Bergen there was a reindeer burger stall selling reindeer burgers freshly cooked for ~40kr; best burger I have ever eaten in my life! Fish Me is also a restaurant near the market that does good fish food too, their kalamari is really nice
    • Walk up Mt. Floyen, or get the floibanen up to the top of the mountain and then walk down like I did. Amazing views and it's a beautiful walk down
    • If possible, get the train there from (and back to) Oslo - the journey is about 6/7 hours and it's often called the most beautiful train journey in the world. I got a night train back to Oslo since I'd already seen what there was to see on the way there, but it was definitely amazing
    • Check out Bryggen, it's right next to the market and it's a load of old wooden buildings with shops in them, looks really cool

    I've also been to Stockholm. I stayed in the Red Boat hostel which was well located for Södermalm, quite quirky and about par for Stockholm hostel prices at about £25 a night. I've been in the Vasa and it's great, well worth doing and interesting. It's nice and scenic to get there by walking along the north bank and over the bridges, and to get back to Gamla Stan/Söder by boat. I ate at Herman's veggie buffet just east of Slussen, even though I'm not veggie I really liked it. Not too expensive. Great views of the harbour, pretty much looking directly across to Gröna Lund. For meatballs, IKEA or any fast food stand in Medborgarplatsen. You can also get hotdogs on the cheap at 7-Eleven shops. The latter is surrounded by a fair few interesting bars. We also walked up to the observatory in Norrmalm for some views.

    Trying to remember where we went for fika.. I think it might have been one of the chain places on Drottninggatan. There is a Swedish chain called Wayne's Coffee. Also, as someone that usually drinks a fair bit of beer in my leisure time, I was initially delighted to see a big sign saying "PUB" in Hortorget, but unfortunately I soon realised that it stands for "Paul U Bergstrom". A department store.

    Finally, yes do try Ahlgrens Bilar... but the sour ones (sursockrada) are king.
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