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    Hi all,

    I started uni back in September 2012 and dropped out around November 2013. I have since been working full time and I am now looking at returning. I call SFE this morning to ask how much funding I would be entitled to and they've advised me I can get 2 years but if I can prove I have compelling personal reasons they will fully fund me.
    The problem I have with this is that I have next to no evidence.

    I was suffering from depression while I was in uni and in my first year I went to the doctors to try and do something about it (I have been suffering on/off since age 14 and this was the first time I actually went to seek help) and the doctor I saw was extremely unhelpful - so much so that she asked what I was studying and when I told her Psychology she laughed to herself and said something to me along the lines of when you learn about stuff you always think you've got it and she said if I was really struggling then I should go to Student Services in uni.
    Naturally, I didn't. As stated this was the first time in five years I'd actually gone to seek help and was immediately questioned and laughed at so I didn't feel like going through that again.

    A few months later my mental health deteriorated again and for the last four months of university I must've gone to no more than ten lectures. I started my second year and very quickly decided I'd had enough and eventually dropped out. In that second year I only turned up for two days.

    So, if I were to apply for a course and submit a compelling personal reasons appeal would they consider it based purely on circumstantial evidence?

    As stated, I have no evidence of mental health problems as I got laughed out of the doctors. When I first started uni I did go to student services regarding money and filled out an application for emergency funding (which I don't think I finished because I stopped turning up to appointments).
    If I were to provide evidence of financial hardship (if I could get student services to confirm the application), combined this with evidence of my lack of attendance and if I could try and get a copy of my doctors record to prove I did try and see someone (if that is even possible) along with some statements from people who knew me at the time do you think I would have a chance?

    I'm so sorry this is so long! I just want to know my options as without funding for the first year I won't be able to afford to go at all.. thank you so much in advance!

    SF won't just accept your word - you will need to provide some kind of evidence from an impartial professional third-party. Could you go back to the Student Support department and ask for a letter from them, to confirm the dates you saw them and the reason for your visit(s)?

    I was in exactly your situation. When I asked my current GP to write me a letter based on my former GP's notes, he found that there wasn't anything specific enough to work from. When I got copies of my GP notes from my first uni attempt, he'd just made repeated entries which said "Stressed - gave advice" for six months, and those stopped when I dropped out. I had to pay for the first year of my second attempt, myself.
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