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Here we go again...XD watch

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    Hello! I'm AnimeFreak101 a hopeful med applicant. It's been a while since I've been on TSR but I was in desperate need of a wake up call because I'm finding it hard to take A-level seriously due to the fact that some of my exams don't really count towards anything (apart from my predicted grades ofc).

    Due to the reason stated above I totally bombed the mocks
    Maths: B (although not a realistic indication for C2 & S1)
    Breakdown: (C1: 85%, C2: 90%, S1: 60% -__- )
    Biology: D
    Chemistry: D
    Psychology: B

    My target: 4A's
    Maths: A (C1: 95%, C2: 90% *at least* S1: 90% )
    Biology: A
    Chemistry: A
    Psychology: A

    A promise to myself: I promise to post everyday even if I've done the bare minimum (which can happen depending on my schedule)
    EDIT: To be more precise I will try and have an account of each day even if it is not uploaded on the day.

    For all that's left of FEBRUARY
    - Finish social influence, memory and attachment

    Finish Topic 1 - .1,1.2,1.3,1.4


    No hardcore past paper revision until mid march
    - Catch up on Stats Chapters 2-5 by watching videos
    - C2: Binomial expansion, geometric series, Trigs

    Biology- Topic 2 [2.1,2.2,2.3,2.5,2.6,2.7]

    -Atomic Structure
    -Amount of substance
    - Periodicity
    - Group 2
    - Group 7
    - Oxidation and Reduction

    Psychology: TO BE UPDATED (possibly flashcards)

    Maths: TO BE UPDATED

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    Started a bit of work on psychology but didn't quite finish :L

    Said psychology work was meant to be finished but the whole day was thrown out of balance due to an unplanned visit.
    I decided to finish my required chemistry write up after dealing with the situation.
    I also finished Hess's Law 3
    At the moment I'm planning for the up and coming weeks by trying to set achievable goals in order to gauge where I'll be at by mid march and it's starting to stress me out because there's soo much to do
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    So as of yesterday I finished most of my planning for biology and chemistry in a way that allows my note taking to be done by the first week of Easter and also in a way that doesn't put too much strain on what I can ideally do during a busy weekdays. My private studies will now be used as homework time [because it's going to come in HEAPS!] During this time I will also be making flashcards questions on my note sections every Saturday/ Sunday on what I've done during the week. I'll also be writing what I've done in a dairy and setting time to review my notes so that I fully take advantage of spaced repetition learning. The flash cards will be for active learning.

    This said and done I'll have 6 weeks until the exams then, which means that most of the content should be understood and learnt by then so that all that is left is past papers and teaching my little sister and my little brother or my teddy bears [yes I have no shame :L] the stuff I have learnt from memory. [I haven't decided whether or not this should go along with the Saturday and Sunday thing]. When I do teach them I might consider recording it and ticking off the spec as I go.

    That all good being said but plans often go wrong so certain precautions must be taken:
    - No engaging in unnecessary activities unless biology and chemistry work set for said day is finished [This will probably apply a lot to weekends because I don't go out during the week]
    - Should I fail to complete said work from Monday onwards there will be certain penalties.
    - If I manage to finish the work set for said day quite early [this doesn't seem realistic on a weekday], try to do some of the work set next day for biology and chemistry to stay on top of the homework set.
    - Speaking of straining hw this should be done as soon as it's set in order to allow efficient use of 5hr of private study per week.

    Apologies for it not being really relevant to what I've actually done but if I don't lay it out like this it's just swimming around in my head really annoying me --__-- I still need to do something for Maths but that will be sorted later because it's super straight forward.
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    I can't remember what I did this day, I wrote it down to upload but then it must have landed in my shred pile TT.TT

    Sunday was spent completing my homework and revising for an Energetics test that was supposed to happen today but instead got moved to Friday. [Not sure how to react to this :L]
    Energetics Assessed homework
    S1 chapter 5 Mixed exercise
    Psychology Exam question sheet
    Hess's law 3 [That is till I got stuck]

    Didn't complete my whole to do list because I got home late from netball but I did complete some of it. Luckily tomorrow's a half day which means that I can catch up on the little slip up on my part.
    What I did do however was:
    Chemistry Chapter 12: Alkanes
    12.1 & 12.3
    Nearly done with the Multi-store model of memory mind map [All my work at the end of the week will be posted so then everything is together in a way that allows me to properly reflect on my pace]
    Finished Short and long term memory A3 notes.
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    Had a school reunion that ended late so Tuesday wasn't productive at all. I just went to sleep straight away.

    Completed my CV but I didn't accomplish much after that.

    Spent all of this day preparing for my energetics test that was on Friday. I spent the day making flashcards for definitions and watching E rintoul's energetics videos and working through practice papers.

    Started 1.2 in biology
    Worked on Long term memory poster before I got stuck [will have to see the teacher about this on Monday]

    I had an energetics test on Friday.
    I did some statistics work [watched two videos] but it's not enough.

    Sunday: Completed chapter 1.2 in biology [it wasn't particularly long but it was tiresome]
    - Completed psychology 12 mark essay homework
    - Completed statistics chapter 6 mixed exercise

    Weekly review: The work ethic is really low putting me behind schedule a bit TT.TT Hopefully next week will be better, I mean at this rate it has to be.

    Good luck OP!!
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