Pegasys Maths Prelim Paper 2015-2016 Watch

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:dong: Welp, I just had my maths prelim today. I took note of the prelim paper - pegasys 2015 CFE higher maths, and I am wondering if I can get it somewhere for free. I just don't want to spend £30 on a prelim paper that I could have got online for free.
I want it so I can go through what I have done wrong and what I have done right. The teacher will only give us the percentage we have got and not the prelim paper or what were the questions that we get right or wrong, so I won't be able to look over it.
I found the pegasys 2014/2015 (pegasys 2014) if anyone wants it - for practice or something - I don't know- just in case someone wants it -
2012/2013 (pegasys 2012) -
2011/2012 (pegasys 2011) -

Example questions for revising for actual exam:
(Even though it says Christmas Revision sheet - it can still be used for revision)-
So... anyone know where I can get the pegasys 2015 CFE higher maths?
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Those are some really useful links to past prelims and other revision materials thank you.

Most teachers will go over a prelim with you if you see them in your free time - lunch or before/after school. This is more beneficial than just comparing your answers to a set of marking instructions.

I'm afraid that Pegasys would not allow the free publication of this years prelim until the end of the academic year (well the start of exam season) because it would compromise the confidentiality of the exam and therefore its effectiveness, this is because there may be some schools still to sit prelims (unlikely I know but it's how these things work).
Besides I highly doubt Pegasys will sell a prelim to a student for the same reason as above.

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