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    Write a story that begins with He hoped that he would have the stength to do what was right

    He hoped that he would have the strength to do what was right.He stared morosely at his navy blue bag, which contained the bad news, Raymond had to tell them the truth eventually, it would cause less damage to tell them now. Carefully, Mina tried to persuade him that consulting his parents upon this matter would be a better idea than to sit there in guilt and despair. His blue crystal-like eyes diverted attention to her teardrop-shaped face he listened halfheartedly.
    "I know I have to tell them," he replied defensively," I just don't think I am ready yet."
    "At this rate, you'll never tell them," Mina announced, "They are your parents, they have some rights and responsibilities over you, they can help you sort out your problems so you don't make the same mistakes in the next exam."
    "I suppose you are right, I'll talk to them tomorrow," He said.

    They sat leaning back on the wall and he began to relive the nightmare again.It was ten past eight and Raymond strolled to the exam hall, never before had he experienced such an excitement about an exam! It was supposedly the efficiency of his revision that made him seem confident for this exam. Once he stepped into the exam hall, he began searching for the desk with his name on.
    "Hi Raymond!" a voice boomed down from the other end of the exam hall.
    "Oh hey, Tommy!" He called as he ran towards him.
    "Your seat is in front of mine," he exclaimed, "Let's be exam buddies!"
    "Um okay," Raymond replied staring at him as if Tommy had just picked his nose.
    He placed his clear pencil case out onto the table just above his name card and began recalling all his revision content.It was now quarter to nine.
    "Your exam is about to begin, please settle down on the desk with your name on it." The examiner announced.Raymond quickly sat down and the exam began.Raymond continued to feel the same confidence. Towards the beginning, he continued to perform well, that was up until question five.Suddenly, he had no control over his mind and completely forgot everything, he was in a state of shock. He didn't know what to do everything evaporated from his mind. The massive exam hall had engulfed his knowledge and there was no chance of recovering. He stared at a crack in which the peeling blue paint revealed a hint of white. Then at his fellow finely dressed classmates who were scribbling away fanatically.As the examiner walked past, Raymond began to stare at his polished black slip in shoes.He noticed that he didn't belong to this place as if he were an outsider he seemed to have such an unsustainable amount of work in comparison to the others. The seconds turned into minutes very quickly as he tried to recall his revision.
    "You have five minutes remaining, finish the sentence that you are writing,"These words no felt different to a gunshot.He felt paralysed.

    Later that afternoon, after Raymond got home, his mother asked,"How was your exam honey?"
    "It went well mom," he lied.
    "So what's the problem dear?" she asked.
    He lied further that exam stress was making him feel tired and so went to his room. He opened the door of his room unenthusiastically and decided he had to talk to someone.Since he was little, he had always relied on Mina, he shared everything with Mina and this situation was no different.

    After a few months, Raymond dragged himself to school, it was the day that the results were coming in. His hands shook uncontrollably, the butterflies in his stomach flapped harder and harder as he got closer to the school. He caught sight of Mina and raced towards her. They both stepped into the room nervously, the only difference between them was that Mina felt confident about her results and Raymond knew what was going to happen. A couple of minutes later, he was shaken out of his nightmare.

    Mina's father decided to drop Raymond home that day. He tried to find his way around it, but in the end, found himself having to listen to Mina's dad.At first, the hesitated to even imagine what his parents would say. Slowly, the confidence built up in him.As they reached the street, he gathered the courage to tell them.The car stopped.Raymond opened the car door, his mind changed continuously.He nervously stepped to the front door.
    "Good luck Raymond!"Mina shouted as the car began to leave the street.Raymond ignored her and began to open the door, his blood raced vigorously around his body. After careful thought, he decided it was time to tell his parents.
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