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    I'm currently in year 11 and my first GCSE exam is about 70 days away. Yes I am panicking! But that's because I don't want to fail and by fail I don't mean get a D, I mean get below an A because I know and everyone around me knows that I can get an A.
    My headteacher once said, "If you want a D and a D is all that you can get, then you get that D"
    But since my year group are dirty minded we all laughed at first but what he said did make sense. Everyone has different goals and everyone is smart in their own way.GCSEs basically test your memory and ability to apply it.
    You should never let anyone tell you can't get that A or can't get that D because if you want it and you work hard for it then you can get this.

    I know lots of people say that GCSEs mean nothing and A-levels are harder, but at this moment in time they are important, you need them to move on with your education.I haven't reached A-levels yet so I don't need to worry about how hard they are, sure when I get there I'll have to work hard to get good grades but currently I need my GCSEs to even get into my A-level courses.

    Everyone learns in different ways and I believe that you just need to find the way you learn and use that with revision.The more you revise, the more you understand, the more you understand the easier the exam will be (in theory).

    The way I like to revise is read a page from the revision guides and essentially dumb it down into a summary and write it out or put it in a mind map, and this is all in bright colourful pens.

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    If you don't learn this way then take a test find the way you learn best because there's no point in using methods that don't work for you.

    Also, for the last few months of year 11, just really knuckle down because after your GCSEs you have 3 months ( YES THREE WHOLE MONTHS) to do whatever you want. So just start revising and take breaks in between and in those small breaks treat yourself for all the hard work put in.
    I've seen so many people who have the potential to achieve great grades and who have the potential to go far in the future, just throw it all away for friends and popularity. Seriously when you get older you'll end up regretting not putting in the effort, you probably won't even be friends with the same people.
    If you work hard now, you can treat yourself to 3 months of being lazy or of summer parties

    I hope this helps and gives motivation to people who want to do well and get the grades they want.

    Aspire to be more than what everyone defines you as.
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