Where are you guys with revision? Year 11 GCSEs Watch

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Where are you guys in terms of revision, and are you where you wish to be? When do you plan to be completely ready for your exams?

I do OCR Gateway b science and I have covered the following topics:

C1,C2,C3,C4 and C6 (I plan to do C5 later as I have already finished all the chemistry content in school)

B1,B2.B3 and B4 (I plan to get onto B5 by this half term)

P1,P2,P3 and P4.

I have covered most of the History content and I intend to catch up to where I am on top of classwork by March.

Maths is no problem for me.

English language and literature are my main concerns and I intend to revise all the poems and both books by April. I don't see how you can possibly revise English language, since it is just about time management during the exam.

Computing is my priority at the moment and I intend to catch up on it by the end of this week.

Ideally, I just want to have revised everything by the start of April, so I can have a full month just to review and take past papers to consolidate my knowledge on everything.

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