How to REALLY annoy the Italians (Euro 2004)

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Michael Jeppesen (Danish comedian/writer) phoned an Italian newspaper before the game last night... Transcript below appeared in the Danish press this morning!!

By Jeppesen - 17:55 - 22. jun. 2004

- Gazetta de Parma.

- Hello, Michael Jeppesen. Can I speak to the editor of sports?

- One moment.

- Paolo Pacciani.

- Hello, i am calling from the serious danish news media Ekstra Bladet. I would like to ask your opinion about the closed meeting that just has been held between the danish and the swedish national coach.

- When was this!?!

- Last night at a hotel in Porto.

- WHAT!?!

- Yes, they sat behind closed doors for a few hours.

- I did not know that! How sad.

- But the danish defenders and the swedish attackers have been living together for two days now, and the rumours are that Zlatan has had target practise with Thomas Sørensen. How is this taken in the Italian press?

*All quiet in the other end of the phone*

- I have just checked our telegramservice. There is nothing about this in there. This is completely new to us. We only have a quote from Morten Olsen, who says that Denmark and Sweden are honest and will fight.

- Yes of course, but he has to say that. Some of his players have been betting large sums on 2-2.

- WHAT!!!

- Yes, we know for sure that one of the players has wagered 30,000 euro on 2-2.

- This must be reported to the police!!! Disgracefull!

- Yes, we think so as well here at the Ekstra Bladet. By the way, what are the odds in Italy for 2-2?

- Let me see... Christ... One second... 2.15 for a draw and 3.5 for 2-2.

- Not bad. In Denmark the odds are down to 1.001.

- WHAT!!? But the players can not bet on their own games. That is illegal!

- Not in Denmark.

- And the two managers have been holding meetings?

- Yes. But they own a holiday house in Nice together, so that could have been what they have been talking about...

- Interesting.

*Paolo is almoste snarling now. He is writing everything down.*

- How sad! Disgusting! But that is what we can expect, when you think of what happend in WC2002 where everybody organized Italy's exit. I am sure you remember that.

- Ehhh

- Yes, Korea organized it, everybody know that. Thats how it is! And its disgusting that the teams are arranging everything, even if it is during the games.

- Yes, and two of the players, Thomas Helveg and Olof Mellberg have the same mother, so off course they are talking during the game.

- But how awfull!!! *******i calkolatrici! I have to work now! Porca puttani! How did you spell your name?

- Michael Jeppesen. Thank you for the talk.

- You are welcome. "
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